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Post-election Message to Christians

November 9, 2016  |  blog, featured

I didn’t support either candidate, but I am shocked that Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States of America. I certainly thought Hillary Clinton would win and I’d be serving as a peacemaker to disgruntled conservatives considering rebellion.

But perhaps even moreso, I am absolutely shocked and appalled at how Christians are responding on social media.

To Christian Clinton Supporters

I know you’re upset. I’m sure that you, like I, have seen the countless facebook posts, tweets, and articles articulating a fearful response to the impending political overhaul. I have three responses, particularly to those who claim to be Christian and reacting in this way.

1. Stop Exaggerating the Narrative

Not all Trump supporters are racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, white supremacists wanting to repeal the civil rights movement. In fact, the vast majority are simply faithful Republicans with a different political ideology, who believe in small government and conservative economics, and are just tired of big government overreach and political insider collusion. Understand the differences, and don’t breed hate.

2. Ask “Why” and Listen

If someone you know voted for Trump, it doesn’t mean they’re racist or want to deport muslims. Don’t blame them for their vote – Instead, reach out to them. Buy them a coffee and have a conversation. Ask them WHY they were able to look past Trump’s language and behavior and what they’re looking forward to. And listen, with an open mind, instead of refuting.

3. Be the Church

Christ is Lord! Not Caeser. Not Obama. Not Trump.

Government politics is certainly one way to enact change, progress, and hope. But the primary agency of God is the Church, not the State! The Church is the place where Christ transforms people, culture, and institutions. If you’ve placed your faith in Barack Obama, the Supreme Court Nominations, in Hillary Clinton, in the NYSE, or any other institution, repent and turn back to Jesus. Be the Church and allow Christ to reign in your life and transform our culture from the Church outward.

To Christian Trump Supporters

Congratulations. Your candidate won. So like Micah 6:8 says, act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. I have three responses for you all as well.

1. Stop Vilifying Liberals

Not all who voted for Hillary Clinton are politically corrupt, morally debunked, socialist, welfare abusing, fear-mongering liberals wanting to live off of the hard work of others. In fact, the vast majority of Democrats simply believe in empowering greater government influence to regulate businesses and institutions and to protect a pluralistic culture’s freedoms. Understand your differences, but don’t breed hate.

2. Try to Understand the Fear

You might not understand it; you might think people are exaggerating. But whether legitimate or not, groups of people are feeling afraid for their civil rights, personal security, and social regression. Instead of ignoring them, rejecting them, or slandering them, LISTEN to them. If someone you know voted for Clinton, buy them a coffee and have a conversation. Ask them WHY they were able to look past Clinton’s mistrust, records, and negligence in voting, and WHY they are afraid of Trump’s presidency. And listen, with an open mind, instead of refuting.

3. Be the Church

Christ is Lord! Donald Trump is President, not King. He is not a savior, and he is not the one to bring about transformation in society. If you are putting your hope in our political system to change the culture, you will be sorely disappointed.

Even moreso, as our divided nation struggles with fear of oppression and regression, be agents of peace! Be the Church who welcomes ALL people with open arms.

Care for others not like you; minister to the homeless, the refugee, and the socially marginalized. If you find your heart leaning toward an exuberantly proud conservative Nationalism, repent and turn back to Jesus, the true King. The primary agency of God is the Church, not the State! Be the Church and allow Christ to transform the culture by creating safe places for all people.

To Christians Who Supported Neither Candidate

My people. We have an obligation as those who stand in the gap, who shared in the conviction of not being able to vote for either of these two candidates.

We need to be peacemakers, bridge builders, and conversation starters.

We need to be the active healers, to encourage cross-aisle listening, and create safe spaces for those who feel afraid and oppressed.

We need to be a witness to Jesus’ kingship and a prophetic voice to the culture.

Most of all, as we stand in the middle, we need to be ambassadors of Christ’s love.

Don’t be silent. Your calming presence is needed. Be a peacemaker.

May God bless America, help our nation heal its divisions, keep us safe in this season, and bring us peace.


About the Author

Kevin Cook is a 4th year student at Asbury Theological Seminary and an Aspirant for Ordination in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). After graduating, Kevin hopes to plant a contemporary three-streams Anglican Church. He and his wife Nicole attend Wilmore Anglican Church in Kentucky.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Business Administration from Florida State University. Kevin enjoys playing music and leading worship, reading fiction and spiritual classics, drinking coffee, and spending time with family and friends.

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  1. Thank you. This was a breath of fresh air today. Thank you for promoting peace instead of hate, and reminding us all of what is important.

    • I agree Julie!

    • well let’s just say I do consider myself a Christian and I did support Donald Trump and am proud of it. The audio you heard which everyone is so astonished about, to me does not amount to much, if there was more you can bet Hillary would have dug it up and beat him over the head with it. The man built a multi billion dollar empire he did not need the grief this has brought upon him but he did it for his country that is slowly slipping away from us he saw that and decided to help us and his family for their future. what is amazing to me is that people sit around with their heads in the sand and don’t see that our country is headed off over a cliff and I believe that Trump can turn things around and save us. I like Kennedy’s words “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” when people start doing that we will be in a better place.

      • Thank you Clayton.

      • Thank you Clayton. God bless you.

      • Thank you for that. I am a Christian too and I voted for Trump. I think to not have voted for one or the other was just a thrown away vote. A way to do your duty, yet skirt the issues. I believe that the ones who did that are not entitled to tell us how we should feel…especially the author of this article.

        • Thanks for the reply. Seems we both feel the same way.

        • Voting ones belief is never a thrown away vote even if it isn’t one of the two main candidates.

        • Thank you Brad!! I’m so tired of being told that a third party vote is a throw away. I could not per my conscience and my beliefs vote Trump or Clinton. I was told so many times that I needed to choose the lesser of two evils never in my opinion have we had two candidates less deserving evil is evil and i couldn’t do it. Thanks again Brad for supporting those of us who voted third party

        • Thank you Chris. Well said.

      • Well said Clayton
        I did vote for Donald Trump bcuz I believe that he can start to turn our country around. Yes, we all need to read and practice the message recited by President Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Righton the money in these times we are facing. I pray every day that God will guide all of our leaders including the president to do the right thing for America. Thank you for this clear and peaceful article.

      • Very well said ! He certainly did not need the job or the headaches that come with it!

      • This article is great
        And generally speaking this is what christians should be focused on but Would I be correct in assuming that the intended audience that you are writing to are white, Anglo Saxon, native born, Americans whose lives would in no way be affected by the immediate aftermath of hate speech, hate crimes, and danger faced by the openly racist celebration by alt-rights, the klan, and white nationalist. No not everyone who voted for Trump is a “racist” but racists did overwhelmingly support Trump and have now been emboldened because the stigma attached to their actions has been removed in fact celebrated. Encouraging minorities to not be afraid in this climate is not only dismissive it’s painful.

        • My intended audience is Christians in general, no matter any other categories. And most Trump supporters are not racist, but chose between 2 options from which they had to make their best choice based on their convictions.

          However, I do agree that those people in our country who ARE racist, misogynistic, etc., who were before Trump came along, have been emboldened by this election. And I will be the first to stand beside those marginalized, abused, and endangered by such hate.

        • I think its important to clarify that at no point did the writer of the article “encourage minorities” to not be afraid. Kevin’s encouragement to LISTEN to minorities sharing their fears is spot on. As a minority I feel neither dismissed nor pained by the original sentiment provided by the writer. If anything, I feel encouraged by the suggestion to have open conversations about our feelings. Thank you for this article Kevin! I’ll be sharing.

      • I totally agree Clayton, as is the past this is the only president that was not raised by the nominated years of breeding
        Presidents as most know this…
        We have a self made president now…not a raised and bred and polished to lie and deceive us for Hillery. ..A clone of Obama that has broken laws using his strength to violate our constuntuion in every way…No matter what happens it will be better the the road of Americans with no say ND hopefully abolish the lies and terany that this country has been going through for generation’s of liers and theirs who have kept us in poverty to make them..the so called leader’s.

        • with all due respect, I don’t agree with the statement of he is a self made president in the same way he isn’t a self made millionaire. He got a so call loan from his dad to start his business & has filed bankruptcy 4 times. Because of the bankruptcy laws it has allowed him to not have to pay taxes from the last time he filed for bankruptcy. I agree that we’re all tired of the same old political fecal matter but so much of his rhetoric made racist & misogynist come out of the wood work feeling justified to treat minorities however way they want. It also has made people on both sides feel justified in tacky name calling & be disrespectful to people who have a difference in opinion. I have shown my opinion & verified my sources when I’ve posted responses that provide a good argument for why I voted the way I did without calling people names & have been called a hate monger for speaking my opinion while they’ve called people with a difference of opinion practically every name in the book. I just wish we could disagree without all the rude remarks. I spoke with a friend of mine at church that voted with Trump & I didn’t call him a bigot, sexist or imbecile because he did & he showed me the same courtesy.

      • Clayton, well said. We need to give him a chance and pray for him. We also need to remember Daniel 2:21, “I make kings and I remove them.” So, to me God put Mr. Trump in office. No, not a king, but that is because our government is not a monarchy but it means the same.

      • You expressed my sentiments exactly, Clayton. I’ve always loved that Kennedy quote. My guess is that many from the opposing, disappointed “other side” have never even heard it, let alone live by it. Thank you for your comment.

        • (I’m not the Chris who voted for Trump)

          JFK’s 1961 inauguration speech was made during the height of the Cold War. Despite the imminent threats, he called on America to be strong, to hold up its Allies, not to retreat unto itself. He extended our pledge to our neighboring countries to raise them out of poverty. His message was not of one seeking to keep out foreigners, to build walls, to abandon Allies, or to ignore the impoverished, both at home and abroad.

          The message Trump used to get elected is nothing like JFK’s speech.

          My guess is that those who would use Kennedy’s words to validate a Republican agenda don’t understand why “the party of Lincoln” got 8% of the African American vote.

      • There were Christians who voted long time party lines in this election, and Christians who crossed their party line to vote differently than they usually would. But as long as we live within the democracy of America, we should all respect the choices of others when it come to their political vote, just like we respect another’s preference of religion. Family, friends, neighbors and coworkers do not demand that people explain why they are affiliated with their choice of faith, and we should not expect them to explain or justify their choice in the voting booth. This is about respecting others. Respect is becoming a very foreign nature in America. I would be interested in knowing what percentage of those roaming the streets in violent protest actually voted in this election, or are even registered to vote. Is it possible that the vast majority of those involved in the demonstrations have personal agendas that have nothing to do with God’s will for America or his people? Anything other than “peaceful protest” should be considered “criminal” and dealt with swiftly through law enforcement. The rest of us just have to be about becoming a part of the solution, making sure Americans know that God is not dead. “Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” John F. Kennedy

      • I agree with Becky Oldenburg. He wasn’t self made at all. All fact check sites show, as well as videos of trump, himself, over time, that he has run his campaign on blatant lies, half truths, embellishments, bold exaggerations, and contradictions enough to leave a rational thinkers head reeling.

        Couple that with the fact that he has normalized bigotry, sexism, and all around contempt for differences; I’m rather shocked that so few people stood against what he stands for.

        I get that you didn’t want to be for Hillary. What I sincerely doubt I will ever be able to fathom is how anyone could NOT be AGAINST such blatant disregard for humanity, condemnation of differences, and utter hate and fear mongering.

        For me it is NOT about trump, he’s just a figurehead. It’s about the ideology of the people he will put into power in this country. It’s about the Supreme Court justices he will appoint. It’s about the laws they will overturn, and make, and we will be stuck with (Especially in the case of the Supreme Court) for DECADES.

        The ones who have been going after row v wade for years without understanding and honoring the fact that if there’s a will, there’s a way. If a woman wants an abortion she’ll get it, even if she has to use a coat hanger, and as incendiary as I know this is, it will be regardless of your personal beliefs about it. Especially considering these same people are eager to feed the single pregnant woman to the wolves; no help, no hope, no other options.

        The ones who insist that climate change is a hoax will now be making policies to increase our carbon footprint, because it’s too expensive for multi-billion dollar companies to care.

        The ones who fear AMERICANS of middle eastern decent for no other reason than their views about God are different and therefore “evil” with no seeming care, concern, nor understanding of the ideology they represent will now decide the laws of the land. I doubt the layperson has even picked up one of their holy books, but if they have, it’s too judge and cherry pick the worst parts; all without regard to the FACT that certain aspects of the BIBLE have the same kinds of hateful rhetoric in places. Oh but WE know not to pay attention to THOSE parts. Isn’t in conceivable to think theirs has parts like that which only the zealots preach. Christians have zealots too… we’ve now put them in power..

        They’re tossing around an idea to give a discriminatory clause to businesses so they can LEGALLY discriminate against someone because of “freedom of religion!” I really believe that to not understand the FULL weight of that broad sweeping term is to be thoughtless and careless. And honestly, what about the freedom of religion of those who have a DIFFERENT religion?

        What about all the unwanted LIVE children who live in the system? It’s not their fault they were born. There are loving (yes LGBT) couples who would take them in, teach them values (perhaps not YOURS), give them the kind of love and kindness children deserve. Not for long, though… they’re tossing around the idea of overturning that law too!

        How, how, how can you NOT be against these things and honestly think you live in a free society, one on the verge of becoming more so even. That’s not free. I hate to break your bubble. That’s exclusivitity. Free as long as I think, behave, look, talk, believe, and am like you.

        • “The ones who have been going after row v wade for years without understanding and honoring the fact that if there’s a will, there’s a way. If a woman wants an abortion she’ll get it, even if she has to use a coat hanger, and as incendiary as I know this is, it will be regardless of your personal beliefs about it. Especially considering these same people are eager to feed the single pregnant woman to the wolves; no help, no hope, no other options.”

          This statement alone shows the hate and ignorance of truth you are operating under! Those who believe in basic human rights and dignity for ALL humans do indeed support helping those who find themselves in crisis pregnancies as well as all stages of human crises along the journey of life.

          To say that a woman who is bent on destroying her baby no matter how she has to do it, including a coat hanger, is just emphasizing the murderous spirit she has, pure hate towards one’s own innocent baby is about as hateful as one can get. To those who say “my body, my choice” I have to say that if that was true, then when you murder your baby through the sanitized word “abortion” you would be dead. Oh wait, it’s not you who die thru this procedure, its your baby. Thats the body we’re talking about here. That baby did nothing deserving death.

        • Wow you are a toxic waste dump of information here. Very toxic. Most of what your diatribe is just opinion,which you are entitled to. But most of it wasn’t true. I’m just shaking my head. It looks like Mr Trump just appointed a woman, a gay man and a black doctor to be in his cabinet. How do you wrap your head around that? I have a feeling it will be something very negative.

        • @Janet said: “Those who believe in basic human rights and dignity for ALL humans do indeed support helping those who find themselves in crisis pregnancies as well as all stages of human crises along the journey of life.”

          If this is true, why do so many Christians disown their children and kick them out of the house and into the streets when they learn their child is LGBTQ?

          If this is true, why do we have so many children (teens and pre-teens) living in the streets, orphanages and foster homes. Why aren’t the Christians seeking this these kids out and giving them a “forever” home instead of using artificial man-made methods to create even more children?

          If this is true, why do so many Christians oppose laws that allow LGBTQ men and women from providing a loving family environment to the children they themselves don’t care about?

          If this is true, why do we have so many Christians supporting pastors and churches with $6,000,000 parsonages, mega-million dollar church buildings and fleets of private jets instead of housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, healing the sick and clothing the naked.

          What would Jesus do?

        • Very well said.

      • Clayton,

        I am curious who is the “us” that the country is “slipping away from?”

        I am asking sincerely and I am not trying to be combative. Is the “us” Christians or white people or heterosexual people? And who is the country slipping to? Again, I am asking in the spirit of healing in which this article was written.

        • I have the same question. Seems to me that I only see that spoken from minimally educated, white, Protestant, hetero, males or satisfied-to play the role of traditionalist female. Turns out that this is actually less than half of the population of this country.

          Also, whenever I have had a calm conversion with Trump voters, they have fallen into racist talk. It slips in so subtle at first, but if I’m a good listener and they think that I might be swayed… I’m shocked by what will come out of even my own family member’s mouths. Always about “my” country. Not “our” country.

          Someone please tell me where the Venn diagram of Trump’s and Jesus’s messages merge? We must be reading different translations. I don’t think Jesus would encourage us to follow this guy. He wasn’t about throwing people out of His presence (Luke 18:16). Before that, God was about tearing walls down, not building them (Joshua 6).

          I’ve sat on the pews with you and heard your faith in Trump. An I the only one the reads my Bible at night and has a sickening feeling that the rest of the flock of led astray because they feel outdated on Earth?

      • Thank You Clayton! Well said! My family and friends also voted for TRUMP because there was something special about him in general don’t know if anyone else seen it but I did.Its a shame of what’s going on I have seen so many elections and this ONE really has gotten out of hand.The protesters should stop and go is what it is nothing is going to change it!

      • I don’t agree with you, Clayton; I don’t believe him to be a christian man. I believe his words and actions are an indication of his make-up as a man. We have no choice but to give him a chance. I just pray his ego is large enough to make him want to be a good president for the history books.

      • Clayton, Thanks for speaking words that are very much like my thoughts. I like what Kevin has to say about peace but I don’t like his comment about vilifying Democrats. I don’t believe I have and as far as peace goes I’m all for it but I really don’t think anyone should approach these rioting protesters.
        I underestimated how they would act because I for one was scared when Obama got in and especially his second term. After all the terrorist attacks on our Country. But I didn’t do anything other than feel nauseous, I didn’t hurt anyone.
        Another thing it’s fine that you didn’t support either but did you vote? I believe that is our duty and I know it says in the Bible that you are suppose to support your government, I can’t quote the exact words or verse it is, it also says to pray for Our leaders. I know I am a Christian, I may not be the best Christian but I am a Christian, I am a sinner indeed.
        I pray for Our Country and for everyone of you, I pray for President Trump, I pray that those that are not happy with the outcome of the election find peace soon. In Jesus name, Thy will be done. Amen.

      • Thank you Clayton I read everything you wrote and i totally agree! You spoke the honest truth!

      • I read it Clayton. The fly over people, the deplorables felt their liberties were encroached upon. Like their way of life was a big joke. What we thought was worthless. Well, we aren’t worthless, uneducated louts.I resented her Majesty ridiculing us. I have BA and MA in Microbiology. I’m not dumb.

        To bad they can now know what the last 8 years have been like. We didn’t b whine or cry.m just kept going.

      • I am stuck somewhere between being an atheist and being a Christian. Not a good place to be from your POV but I’m stuck there for now. Please, I know you mean well, but if I need your help getting unstuck I will ask for it.

        I have not seen, heard of or read anything that suggests Donald Trump has ever taken the time to ask “What would Jesus Do”. If he has, he has always chosen the answer that bolsters his ego or increases his bank balance or gets him a little “action” on the side.

        We have all read about his sexual assaults, his adultery, his braggadocio, his disrespect of women, minorities and immigrants, his rip-off of hundreds of contractors and employees and all the lies he told and his denials of telling them. Now he is reneging on many of the promises he made during his campaign. I think we are all very lucky he hasn’t yet stood in the middle of 5th Avenue and shot anybody. (and Christians STILL voted for him?)

        Trump did not run for the good of the country. He ran for the good of Donald Trump, his ego, the Trump “brand” and, most importantly, the power. If you think otherwise, show me the evidence.

        Now, please tell me about this cliff and how Donald Trump is going to keep us from falling over it.

        Don Sterling Wilcox

      • Fear comess the enemy.

      • Thank you Clayton, very well said and a good reminder.

      • Ditto Clayton! I feel the same way! I could never vote for anyone that supports abortion. I was adopted and thank God every day that I was not aborted. And I could never vote for someone who is so negligent with classified information. Trump will turn things around. I was surprised that I didn’t hear anyone saying anything about how much money he has given to charity through his Apprentice show.

    • Rhonda Salo Guerra

      We have had just the opposite response. We are Christians and I didn’t vote for Trump. My friends and family got attacked by Trump people. Things are calming down now. We are in prayer for our country. So much unrest.

  2. Actions of a few do not represent the whole. Careful attention to the words used to describe the whole. Ask what did Jesus say about divisiveness.

  3. Thank you so very much! This is by far the best article for Christians coming from all perspectives. Helps give us understanding of those on opposite sides and a godly mandate…start building bridges.

  4. Thanks for this. As someone,like you, who did not vote for either for the Republican or Democratic candidate, yesterday was a little surreal not knowing exactly how to feel about the results. You put my thoughts into words. Wonderful message that we should all live out!

  5. Sorry, but just because you didn’t vote for either candidate doesn’t mean that you are morally superior. A lot of the same people who are feeling fearful right now may very well see you as a part of the problem. Just maybe, your vote was also influenced by the fact that you are a cis, straight, white male. You were never the target of Trump’s hate speech. You don’t need to be an active member of the KKK to be a part of the problem. Can you honestly say you can understand why people are feeling afraid right now?

    • Cara,
      I read the same blog and I didn’t see where Kevin specified at any moment that he thought of himself as morally superior. He simply stated he didn’t vote for either of the two front-running candidates.
      Even though everyone can’t possibly empathize with every single person’s hardships, we can certainly sympathize and try to speak up and offer ways to build bridges and become peace makers.
      There are people that are in a much better place than I am and many more in a much harder place than I. That doesn’t negate the fact that I, as do each of us, have problems in life to deal with. The ones who have been through the hardest times seem to have a great compassion for others. As we go through hardships, we tend to become protective and defensive for others going through similar circumstances. The key to making serving helpful rather than hurtful is to do it out of love rather than guilt; or worse, expecting something in return.

      • This message is amazing Kevin. I’m asian and I didn’t vote also. I’m not ashamed to admit. I’m all about peace.

        • Mao, I assume you’re not ashamed to admit to not voting, since at least for now, being Asian is not something you have to admit to or be ashamed of.

          If you could have voted but chose not to, then I’ll be ashamed for you.

          You may be all about peace, but know that peace doesn’t just happen. It takes work, compromise, and sacrifice. By some, or by many, even if not by you.

          Choosing not to vote for something of this importance reflects apathy, indifference, ignorance, or laziness. It disrespects those who have suffered or have given their lives so you could have this right. It is very much something to be ashamed of.

        • Mao: shame on you for not voting. People sacrificed for this privilege/duty. If you are able then you should do it.

        • Mao, I respect your decision to not vote. Both candidates were/are deplorable and in the end, you have to live with yourself. Hillary has made me literally sick for years and I cannot listen to Trump, cannot look at his face. God has used ungodly people in the past to see His will be done. I pray that will be the case for the United States of America. I have lost all faith in our government and the people who make decisions that impact us all. But I think that is not a bad place to be. I am putting all my faith in a God who is trustworthy. He sits on the throne and rules and reigns in love, peace and justice.

    • Cara,

      I find it troubling that some in the name of tolerance are so intolerant of personal conscience even if that person advocates love. Why so much hate against Kevin? Are we now imposing our views on others as requirement for friendship which does not leads us a civil society. What I am seeing from the supporters of Hillary is a major breakdown of civility even to the point of hurting others and destroying property.

      • What I see and have seen among supporters of Trump is more than a breakdown of civility. I have seen hate from people in my own family. It seems that Trump supporters can’t have a conversation without getting angry. I have experienced this. I have ask for the conversation to be dropped only to have more hate thrown at me. I live in an area where democrats or any progressive thinking people are called names. In Michigan yesterday middle school children were chanting “Build that Wall!!” in the lunchroom. The latino students sat and cried. It was on the nightly news (probably not on FOX) We are scared! I am a white woman who has great feelings for people who are bullied. I hope it is not as bad as I am afraid it will be. I pray for Trump to be a good president for ALL Americans.

        • Albert, not all Hillary supporters are destroying property or causing violence. Many are protesting openly, and not being destructive, which is their right.

          Many people are fearful that Candidate Trump will turn his campaign hyperbole into reality and their way of life destroyed.

          I am of belief that, in time, those that did vote for him will see he is not who he claims to be. He speaks of the want of unity now, and the want of cleaning up the swamp – but, his actions of who he is placing on his transition team show me otherwise. It is filled with family, bankers, Washington politicians, and anti lgbt individuals.

          I am gay
          I am married
          I am a parent
          I am a Christian
          I am an American

          I cannot sit quietly and watch my friends, family, and way of life be potentially destroyed by an autocrat dressed in a Republican suit wanting to turn our Republic into an oligarchy.

          I will protest, stand with my friends and those who may be persecuted for who they are, or what they believe, and I will vote.

        • Melissa,
          Have you seen the news of the riots? Do you think those are Trump supporters? How can you type that conservatives are angry and hateful, when you can see with your own eyes that the opposite is true?

        • Natalie, seriously? Seriously?? You are negating Melissa’s experience and the FACTUAL experience of people being verbally and physically attacked and harassed, by claiming it can’t be true because of the riots so obviously not being done by Trump supporters? Seriously?? One violent, harassing act does NOT negate another. BOTH sides have done and are doing things that should be condemned by BOTH SIDES! There is a post going around FB about a man who deliberately and maliciously plowed his vehicle through a group of protesters who were holding hands across a highway. I don’t know if that is true or not, but the responses that I saw, praising this man, calling him a hero, patting him on the back for “killing liberals” made me sick. What hurts the most, what breaks my heart, is that the author of this article, spoke from the heart of Christian, to the hearts of other Christians…and he is ridiculed for it! Trump is NOT A KING! Christ is King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords and our hopes and trust and our faith should be in and on HIM and HIM ALONE! When you put your faith and hope in mankind, it’s a slap to the face of God. It’s telling God that while He may have His place, it is NOT at the head of your heart, or house, or life. Donald Trump is just man. Understand, I do, as a lesbian, understand the fears that people have… but I also know that my God is in control. The Republicans might have won the white house, but God is still at the helm of EVERYTHING and as long as my trust and my faith remains in Him alone, He will be faithful in honoring that trust. What is the worst that anyone can do to you/me? Kill my body? Torture me, emotionally, physically, mentally..? I have come very close to death. My heart arrested for 6.5 minutes, and it took multiple shocks to get it beating again… I survived an illness that caused that arrest, that most do not survive and yes, I got scared when my health would slip..but I came to a point where I knew, that even if and when my life here on this earth, ends, it is NOT the end, it is only the beginning!! The Church, and no, the USA is not the Church, the Church, those called by the name of Jesus, should have their hearts, minds and souls set on Him. Give to Caesar what is Caesars’. The election, I did not vote. For two reasons. I was raised Mennonite, conservative Mennonite and at the time of my formative years, people belonging to that church, did NOT vote… because our lives and our concerns were to be focused on and around Christ and the church. As I got older, I began to see people outside of my social and economical circle. (we were very poor). I began to vote my conscience. I could not, could NOT, in good conscience, have a hand in putting either Clinton or Trump in office. My Grandfather was career Army, my brother in law, career Air Force. They fought and died for my freedom. Freedom to vote, freedom to not vote. It doesn’t make me unpatriotic, it means when I prayed, every single night for the past almost 3 months, to given wisdom to know who to vote for… my heart knew, in time, that I simply couldn’t. There is no such thing as a lesser or greater evil or sin. Evil is evil, and sin is sin. One thing that my father engrained into his children was that NO ONE was above or better than we were… and we were NO BETTER or ABOVE anyone else. In fact, we, as Christians, are called to be servants. We are commanded.. it was a commandment…not a gentle suggestion, not negotiable advice… we are COMMANDED to Love the Lord our God with all our hearts and all our souls and all of our mind and all of our strength. It is, from Jesus’ own mouth, the greatest commandment and the second greatest is like it.. we are to love our neighbor as ourselves! But, Christ didn’t stop there! He said… what big deal is it to love those who love you? even the gentiles, or non believers, did/do that. No, we are to LOVE OUR ENEMIES! We are to BLESS those who persecute us! When a woman who calls herself a Christian, and is also my cousin who claims to love me, tells me that I am stupid, uneducated, socialist, communist and a “libtard”..let me tell you something, that isn’t love! Wanting to “cleanse the country of liberals” isn’t love. Wanting to deport all illegal immigrants, isn’t love. Condemning victims of rape and incest to a lifetime of violation and harm, by forcing them to carry a baby to term, no matter what the cost to them… isn’t love. Blowing up abortion clinics isn’t love. Bashing gay men over the head with beer bottles, isn’t love. Ripping the Hijabs off of Muslim women, isn’t love. Burning the flag isn’t love. Damaging property isn’t love. Believing or insinuating that all democrats are lazy welfare recipients, isn’t love. Believing or insinuating that all republicans are racist rapists isn’t love. Grabbing women by their genitals against their will, isn’t love. Lying again and again and again to constituents and covering up potential criminal actions isn’t love. Accepting someone, seeing the good in someone, loving someone, is natural… hatred is learned. Both sides need to stop promoting and teaching hatred. The Christian Church needs to concentrate on God and HIS mission and HIS will for this country and for our individual and collective lives, and stop promoting politics. Give to Caesar what is Caesars’ and give to God what is Gods’.

    • Cara – I couldn’t agree more. It’s easy for a white, cis-male, Christian to say “hey, let’s all just try to build some bridges.” It is a (white) privilege and luxury to be safe enough to say that.

      • Kristi – Hold up. So you have to be a “white privileged male” to have the “luxury” to promote a message of peace, understanding, and love among all people, despite political differences? The answer is no. No you don’t. History proves this.

        • Kristi, I think in this day and age, it is burdensome to be white, Christian, straight or anything that was mainstream 3 decades ago. All they say and do are wrong and politically incorrect.

          I am oriental, non US resident and as I follow your election from afar, I can see clearly why Trump won – the liberals have been intolerant, hateful and oppressive of the conservative. Collectively they are saying “stop” and hope that Trump could do something about it.

          So to me, this is a checkpoint and a pause to all the pushiness of the liberal camp.

      • Cara
        Thanks for making the salient point above (only the person who wears his/her shoes knows where it hurts) about the fears and issues faced by minorities. I am an Evangelical Christian, an African Naturalized American and have lived in this country for 14 years. I have lived through 4 presidential elections. I am appalled by the calls for “kumbaya” after this election. Yet apart from the news media, I did not hear anyone “preaching kumbaya” when the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell paid by our taxes stood boldly on the Senate floor in 2008 to say “my No 1 political priority in this house is to make Obama fail and make him a one-term president.” Though he did not succeed in making Obama a one-term president (of course that power belongs to the voters not him), yet they ensured a constant gridlock and made 52 unsuccessful attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
        So to me, all these “kumbaya” calls are simply music in my ears.Obama demonstrated his leadership when he said this week during his meeting with Trump at the White House “My top priority will be to ensure successful transition. I want you to succeed. Because if you succeed, America succeeds. And if you fail, America fails.”

        • yes. thank you for pointing this out. so many have critical of Obama, but he weathered a difficult/impossible situation for 8 years. he has been a class act in my eyes.

    • Cara, I have read this twice and I just do NOT see where Mr. Cook said who he voted for. He stated “I didn’t support either candidate.” I did NOT support these 2 candidates either but I DID vote for Trump, because of the platform he ran on. Actually I would say that I did not vote for Trump, I voted against Clinton.
      Just something to consider.

    • Well said Cara!

    • Cara, I agree. If you overlook Racism, you agree with it. There are people that are afraid, and have a right to be. And yes, our president is a racist.

      • Some might say the same if those who overlook the advocate of mass murder on an unprecedented scale of the most inocent on earth who CANNOT FIGHT BACK.

    • Cara and Cara’s commentors,

      I understand where Cara is coming from – I thought this post was very striking and helpful until I came to the last section, the message to Christians who supported neither candidate. Adamant supporters of Trump and Clinton are told to repent and told to Jesus (which is good advice), but those who supported neither candidate are exhorted, called to be “bridge-builders”, “peacemakers.” It does feel like a tone of moral superiority, particularly when, as Cara points out, you are seen by many as part of the problem. For instance, as someone who voted for Clinton I have been possibly more angry toward those I know who voted for neither because they didn’t like Clinton or Trump, but would have preferred a Clinton presidency. Assuming Clinton would win, they refused to act pragmatically and instead put the decision in the hands of others.

      Clinton and Trump supporters are not the only ones who need to listen, and perhaps repent.

    • Cara, I agree with you. I would like to add that sometime moral superiority is in the tone. I am shocked at the number of Christian leaders who supported Trump after it was obvious in his speeches and attitude towards women that he did not follow the teachings of Jesus. I believe by doing so they will harm non-believers with their hypocritical actions. I do not understand how a married man, father of a daughter or a mother’s son could vote for Trump. It is the responsibility of men to defend their wives and daughters reputations and keep them safe fron men like Trump. I believe a segment of “the Church ” has failed women and minorities in this country,

  6. My sweet, sweet grandson sent this article to me. We have a division in our family caused by this election. I did my best to explain my fears and concerns about a Trump presidency, but my grown kids refused to even let me talk or just dismissed me.

    My first concern was over Trump’s entire life being based on fiction and how he never thought he should obey the rules that the rest of us try observe. His angry trigger quick personality worries me the most along with his lack of empathy for anyone other than himself.

    As a lifelong Republicans, my husband and I went through an evolution of searching all the issues surrounding the election. By the time the 2 conventions came around, it more or less solidified our option to vote for Hillary. The extremely hateful anti-gay platform adopted by the Republican convention along with their determination to abolish a womens’ rights made the decision quite clear for us. Our youngest child of 5 children is in a very committed gay marriage with 2 beautiful children. To know that the supreme court upheld the rights for gay marriage and to deem businesses to refuse service to gays on the religious grounds of the proprietor,discriminatory(Pence advocates) was a landmark decision which should be honored by all Americans.

    I have witnessed the chains of emails with the underlying message to Christians that to uphold their Christian beliefs the clearcut choice was Trump even though he might be a little rough! So many of these very deceptive emails and downright insulting emails made it to my email in-box.

    Over the past 6 months or so, Trump had more and more negatives about his past and his present that would have doomed the average candidate. The letters continued to come and even more of them. Conspiracy theories and the Christians against the wicked part of America. Subliminal propaganda came to mind. Church leaders and pastors were a part of this particularly down here in Texas.

    I shared very personal information with friends and family about how it was not the church’s responsibility to decide for an entire country. Many did not realize how they were really be manipulated by the clergy and trusted friends. I asked many how they squared the Christian values with the man, Donald Trump.

    I am the 68 year old mother of 5 and grandmother of 13. I have 1 gay daughter and 4 hispanic grandchildren which made me simmer when I would hear what Trump was saying and know Pence’s legislation in Indiana against gays. Pence even promoted conversion therapy. I spoke out on this to my kids, but they just didn’t seem to care.

    I found this to be true even of a good friend who was only worried about what Hillary would do the inheritance tax exemption
    or talk about late term abortion or say that Trump would be better for the economy. And then of course, I listened to the bad names I was being called as I had suddenly become labeled Liberal and I was voting for a murderer who needed to be locked up or even one female said “executed”.

    Never,ever experienced so much divisiveness and hatred surrounding a presidential election. The rather rural community where we have been building our home for our days of retirement is right in the middle of the rural Texan attitudes handed down by the southern baptists and the evangelicals. And then the other side of the Trump supporters are the “build the wall” people who hate anyone who doesn’t look just like them.

    Sometimes we get knowledge after the fact, when refusing to listen so we might avoid a situation. I’m trying to be forgiving to my children who were so insensitive to their baby sister’s worry about her family. Two sons were strong on Trump and justified it because of the healthcare issue with owning their own businesses. My eldest daughter was totally convinced by her husband who got all his information from Fox news, his Baptist church and his cronies out in rural west Texas. My third and eldest son just refused to discuss it even though he has 2 of the half Peruvian children and a wife who could have been deported before she got her citizenship about 10 years ago. I remember how worried they were that they would get stopped by border patrol on their travels from Arizona to Texas back then to visit for Christmas.

    So there you have it. I don’t want to be a bitter old woman. I want to love people and be loved back. I want to be an example of Christ’s love, but have to admit this election has caused divisions within my family,a distancing and disappointment with old friends, a mistrust of people who we meet and see everyday. This is not natural for me, as I have always loved everybody and assumed everybody would at least accept me and like me.

    My blessing today is this grandson who is beginning to see what has been transpiring in our country and the damage it has done within our own family.

    Thanks for your article.

    Linda Callison
    Granbury, Texas

    • Thanks for your response Linda. I encourage you to keep listening with humility, seeking first to understand rather than to be understood. And hopefully others will grant you the same and offer you the chance to share your positions in return. I pray for the divisions in your family and that you could all be united under the love of Christ that transcends all politics and opinions.

      • Kevin,
        You didn’t listen to Linda. She gave a thoughtful response and you ignored her intelligent reflection. Our nation elected a man who has never walked with Christ. He has put profits over people every time. That is not the way of Jesus.
        Jesus said, “What so ever you do to the least of my brother’s, that you do unto me”.

        Not voting against Trump was a vote for bigotry and hate. You are not a bridge builder, you are a coward.

        Think about how you can step up and protect the meek, tend to the poor and make a real difference. Your passive words are not a comfort.

        Brigid Brady

        • Thanks Brigid,

          I’m not a professional blogger, so I can’t interact with every intelligent reflection to the fullest extent it deserves. All I can do is facilitate conversation.

          I agree that our nation elected a man whose actions and attitude do not reflect Christ. But I’d push back, if Hillary Clinton were elected, our nation would have elected a woman whose policies and actions do not reflect Christ either, and people on that side would be writing the same thing you did about her.

          Neither political party nor candidates reflect a biblical worldview or Christian values – they are 21st century political ideologies. The best we can do is extrapolate our Christian beliefs and principles to make the best choices we can. For me, I could neither choose a man with the rhetoric and attitude Trump presented, nor could I choose a woman with the lack of trust, historically deceitful, pro-choice social policies that contradict Christian values as well. One was not better than the other; so my vote went to a 3rd party.

          I am an independant and would have embraced either president. My point is that, for Christians, the state is not the primary agency for social action; the church is. So it doesn’t matter who is elected, be the church. Stand up for the marginalized, defend the oppressed, welcome the refugee, and love all neighbors.

        • If his conscience had allowed him to vote for Hillary and he had written an anti-Trump blog here there would be no possibility for bridge building. All Trump supporters would instantly have walls up and not be open to actually hearing out those who could not vote for Trump. Those who strongly oppose Trump don’t need to be convinced of his racism, misogyny, etc. We have to find common ground with those disagree with us for there ever to be progress.

          Progress starts with conversations that don’t villanize the other person. Where we look at each other face to face and lay our hatred down long enough to see that we are bonded by our humanity. As long as both sides refuse to listen to each other there will be no way forward in fighting racism. The people we may view as racist will never change their hearts because of a protest or angry online rants. A level of neutrality is required to bring peace in any situation. That’s why we have mediators and therapists and diplomats who represent each side peacefully and not combatively.

        • Dear Brigid, I could not disagree more, apologees.

          Trump may not walk with Christ, but neither does Hillary, so that is not the issue that was before us.

          My choice for Trump over Hillary was a pragmatic one.

          1) Hillary belongs to a party which has over decades supported unbiblical practices, particularly late term abortion.

          2) Hillary commited misdeeds while in Official capacity as Sec. of State, and compounded these with obvious lies under oath.

          I concede that Trump is not a man of God, may not even be a Christian, but I feel the same about Hillary.

          I ask myself then, which candidate has dishonored her/himself while in office, using a foundation to self enrich, while making Clandestine speaches to wall street bankers, and taking multi-nillion dollar “donations” from middle east kings who expects some favour in return (?), others who supported ISIS?

          Which candidate is likely to make observant Christians go to jail or lose their life savings because they won’t bake a gay wedding cake? Which candidate is likely to not make abhorrent cultural changes into law?

          After asking these questions I had to go for Trump.

          BTW. I support women’s rights and hope for a female president some day soon, but NOT Hillary

    • HI Linda
      JESUS IS CALLING ALL OF US TO REPENT FROM OUR WAYS AND TURN TO JESUS, I UNDERSTAND YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN, however your love for them should motivate you to turn to Christ and ask for mercy for them, and encourage them to do the same,seek a christian friend in your area, who could help you to understand your pain, and pray with you, in the words of JESUS, I SAY NEITHER DO I CONDEMN THEE GO AND SIN NO MORE
      See Exodus 20, I Corin. 6:9-11, Galat. 5:19-21, Matt. 5:27-30, Ephes. 5:5-6, Colos. 3:5-6, Revel. 21:8 & 22:14-15…)

      See Exodus 20, I Corin. 6:9-11, Galat. 5:19-21, Matt. 5:27-30, Ephes. 5:5-6, Colos. 3:5-6, Revel. 21:8 & 22:14-15…)

    • Thank you, Linda. What a thoughtful woman you must be! God bless you and yours.

    • Dear Linda, I too, am deeply concerned about the issues the Trump campaign stood on. All I can hope for is that it was election rhetoric to get the vote. I have to believe the president-elect will modify his views once in office. He must realize how half the country is opposed to him; in his egomaniacal way, he will want to be loved by all. I am thankful for this article because of people like you. Keep the faith. Mr. Trump has a very high expectation upon him and he just may deliver.

    • Mercedes Gonzalez-Barnes

      Thank you Linda for a very thoughtful comment which describes to a T what I have experienced during this eternal campaign. I do try to understand others but the truth is that people are in their own echo chambers and won’t listen. My adult children are grieving this choice by our nation and fearing along with me what it has done to our civil liberties. As a christian I am called to minister to the least of these and I will try to do that. Thanks again Linda, you are not alone and you will be in my prayers. Mercy

  7. Thank you for a thoughtful article. I struggle with the question of how Trump-voting Christians can rectify their faith beliefs with the rhetoric that has come out of Trumps mouth. I know we are all small and fearful and grasp onto simple concepts to explain things we cannot understand. They have a right to their vote and their political views. I’m the non-Christian, Democrat, global-warming-is-real minority with a fundamentalist Mom so I’ve learned we just don’t talk about that area which is fine.

    But this new wrinkle really hit me as to how bad it is in my small world yesterday. My daughter-in-law who came here from South Africa several years ago when she married my son, told me she sees those who voted for Trump as racist (which of course includes those in my family). Black South Africans were so very joyful when Obama became president, and as such she has a special pride for him. Since living here she has watched politics unfold and watched the news reports as Republican obstructed everything Obama wanted to do. She sees all that political rancor as a thin veil for racism. I honestly agree even if I know that it is how politics goes. The point here is my daughter lived in a world where she saw racism very up-close and personal, so I think she knows it when she sees it.

    I’m fearful and can’t see how people of faith could support Trump based on what he has said, or even care to help Syrians fleeing their war-torn country for that matter. Where are those Christian values? I know this isn’t true of all Christians, but how can any Christian settle their vote for this man with the values of Christ?

    • Thanks Sherry, and those are some great questions to ask. I encourage you to seek out even-tempered Christians who voted for Trump and ask them those questions with a humble heart and listen. I know not all who voted for him share his sentiments or condone his character, but I can’t answer for those voters since I couldn’t vote for him myself.

      • My sister cried as she voted. She truly thought it was her duty to vote and she said her husband had to help her out of the polling place… because she voted for Trump…and she knew that he as not a good man, but she also believed that Hilary would do more damage than Trump. It made her sick to vote. There are people, like my sister and myself, who agonized over this, who prayed long and hard over this… I did not vote, I don’t believe in greater or lesser evil and I don’t believe that sin has a sliding scale. But it still made me sick to not vote… putting my trust in God, giving that whole entire thing over to Him, trusting that no matter who won the white house, God is and will always be, in control.

    • Sherry! Maybe some of us can’t even explain the reasons why we felt the need to support Trump, do you know that feeling when God ask you to do something that to make no sense at that given moment but by obidience you do it anyways and later God reveals to you the purpose of it all…well that is the only way I can explain it…do I love Trump? No! Do I dislike the many things he has said, Yes! But I can only be sure of one thing! Not because you are born in a Christian home and have lived a somewhat Godly life make you(general) more fit to lead this nation than someone who has lived an ungodly life and has been redeemed by the blood of Christ Later in life. Do you think that anyone who would have looked and sounded too Godly like would have been chosen by this fallen society?
      Today I bumped with this video and maybe this will give you an understanding of why many of us felt strongly about Trump.

      • Cara, I come from the same feeling!of abandonment that you do. The difference is I feel abandoned by my neighbors, my friends, my co-workers, my relatives, my Country. I will never understand nor accept the gleeful hatred that emanates from same. I have been backstabbed, Mocked, ridiculed, spit on, had things thrown at me, etc. Now I feel as though those whom I love have given a nod to this type of behavior. I don’t feel safe. I am grieving over the loss of my country. Loss of my sense of center. Loss of my rose colored beliefs that love Trump’s all. I will fade into the distance and quietly slip away. Peace and love to you.

        • Noel,

          Your story pains my heart and my mind. To me, acknowledging feelings of trauma and safety are paramount at this moment in our post-election reality. There will come a time when we are called to come together to work for the common good, but this time, right now, for me is about creating a sacred space of holding and crying and loving those for whom real trauma has been awakened by these results. Blessings and peace.

        • Noel, I do hope that by “fade into the distance and quietly slip away” you do NOT mean slip away from life (ie: suicide). I’m a white, 75 y/o female, unabashed liberal. We will see this through and though I deplore what has happened, I am determined to work within my own sphere of influence to make this world a better place. To visit and heal the sick, feed and clothe those in need, and provide refuge for any around me who feel marginalized. I can’t ignore this turn of events and I recognize how harmful it can be. I just will not be a part of that harm. Please hang in there and support the causes you care about in every way you can.

        • This is exactly how I feel. From the beginning Republicans did everything they could do to keep Obama from succeeding. It does not feel safe to be around so much hate.

        • Thank you Robin and Claudia. I will not harm myself, the voters have struck the fatal blow to my spirit. I am a pessimist by nature. I have always been so patriotic. My dad and mom are interred at Arlington. I now feel that the land they loved, the country my dad died for, the Nation that made me so proud to be a part of, the Pledge of Allegiance, I STAND for, have all been ripped away. The ugliness has taken over. I also recently retired from Federal employment after 35 years. I have always laid wreaths at Veterans gravesite, attended numerous military funerals, volunteer as an advocate for children in foster care, raise awareness about Ovarian cancer symptoms, hand out care packages to transient women with feminine hygiene products, food, and postage paid postcards so they can drop a note in the mail to loved ones. I was blinded by my own belief that Love trumps Hate. I believe that Christians that voted for Trump are hypocritical cultist elites. I was taught that The Lord that grants mercy and grace to me would do the same for all regardless of what country we live in, legally or not. I believe He would love all the people regardless of skin color, mental capacity, pro choice decisions, who we love, how we pray. He would even love Mr. Trump. Apparently that was all a smokescreen for hyypocrisy. I will stay involved in the endeavors that allow met to show my love, until I can leave this country that once embraced me.

        • Noel, I feel much the same. I feel alone because my political opinions differ from everyone in my family and many of my friends. When we have political discussion, everyone speaks their mind and most of the time I try to stay quiet. If I voice my opinion or take action to avoid the discussion, I’m the bad, dumb, stupid and brainwashed voter.

  8. Sherry,
    One might ask the same thing to a Hillary supporter: how could a Christian who holds life sacred openly support someone who is pro-abortion?

    Both candidates have flaws in their beliefs and neither one is Jesus. You cannot claim to take the high road and bring one candidate with you.

    • There is no such thing as “Pro Abortion”. There is a thing called Pro Choice, however, and that is what we as a people living in 2016 shouldn’t have to fight for a right to have.

      I would like to thank Linda Callison and Sherry Borzo for their excellent posts. I know exactly how you are feeling and I’m not in the US. I am a United Kingdom subject but engaged to a US citizen. He didn’t want to vote for either candidate but having served in the USAF (A Vietnam Vet) he said he HAD to use his vote.

      Here in the UK we are fearful for the future and what this means for our grandchildren. Are we still classed as allies? Can we rest assured the US will have our backs if we ever need it? So many questions and all I can do is cry.
      Thank you for your time and may God bless you all.

      • Hellen,

        As much as I understand what your saying, I dont understand how you think Trump could or would disband much needed alliances. He may be a bigot and racist, and probably much more. But hes not going to willingly run the country into the ground. That would be insane and he would be impeached. The fact that people think he will get out of control also makes me wonder if they understand how much power he as a president holds. And all of the checks and balances that very smart people put into place so government couldnt overstep its boundaries. I trust God will see us through this. Maybe he will be the worst president yet. Or he could be a great president. But to me none of that matters. It dosnt affect the fact that after the meager time I spend on earth. I will spend eternity with God my creator.


        • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not even entertain the thought of thinking about impeachment! No matter how good or bad you think Trump was/is/will be, Pence will be so much worse that Trump will look like the 2nd coming.

      • Sorry it dis matter how you try to pgrasp it. Or choice IS pro abortion. It’s mass murder on an unprecidented scale and this is what plshoyld not be a human right.

    • The quick answer is that abortions went down every single year of the Clinton and Obama presidencies and went up every single year during Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. And not be a little. The numbers moved a lot. Watch the numbers over the next for years.

  9. Thanks for a good article; however, as a devout Christian it still causes me not to understand how ones claiming to be Christians continue to ignore their faith conveniently when ones they love choose to live a life against the dictates of their faith in choosing to life as sexual deviates or to kill their unborn children. God and The Christ and ALL of their teachings do not support these actions. It is one thing to be “tempted” into a sinful act and another to live it or to give in to it. Judge not the person but their actions as being Christian. There is a difference between free will and giving in to sinful behaviors as with adultery, fornication, living as a homosexual or killing (murder) of an unborn child. God’s will be done. Personally, I will only judge an action of another and not their right to free will choice. Hopefully we can return our beloved Country back to God and that will cause pain but not as much as the foreseen destruction of “Mystery Babylon” (USA) in its entirety for these sins against God.

    • Sueetta,

      I’m not sure you read the part of the Bible about not being judgmental. If you get to that part, I’m pretty sure it is clear that Jesus doesn’t care if two men love each other or a teenager makes a mistake and wants to use modern medicine to decide not to have a child at 18 (instead of giving up the chance to go to college, be independent, etc). You are throwing stones, but some part of your house is surely made of glass. Put the rocks down please, we are trying to live peacefully.

      • Dear Jess
        i want to first off all re assure that Jesus loves you and your family,according to john 3:16, all is included, however I think that your anger should not be towards a man that is flesh like you, but Rather I encourage you to fear God, because one day we all have to face his judgement, even the president,and this is written in scripture, and no man has the right to remove it, please read for yourself
        1 Corinthians 6:9-11New International Version (NIV)

        9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

        • Sarah — I am not sure where in my post you read me to be angry. Unfortunately that is usually coming from within, so I’m sorry if you are in a bad place.

          Do you also believe all of the other biblical quotes? If so, I sure hope you’re not an overeater… because Proverbs 23:2 clearly reads:

          “. . . And put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.”

          And here’s another great one:
          1 Corinthians 14:34 reads:

          “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”

          Is that why you comment on blog posts instead? You go to a church that doesn’t allow women to speak? There are PLENTY more quotes about the rights of women in the Bible also, which I guess maybe that’s why so many women bowed down to Trumps vulgar words. Very sad that they think that little of themselves.

          Come ‘on. Let’s be serious.

        • The King James Version reads differently. I imagine that the original manuscript of Pauls letters to the church in Corinth, would read differently as well. Here’s the thing…and I believe that this was what was trying to be emphasized. “Let those without sin, cast the first stone.” There is no greater or lesser sin. Sin is sin is sin is sin. I won’t debate Biblical discernment with you. What I will say is this… you do not and can not know the heart of another. You have no clue where they stand with Christ. Go ahead, judge a SIN, but don’t you dare judge another person, because only God and God alone, knows the condition of that persons heart. Not only that, we seem to enjoy brow beating people over the head with the “thou shalt nots” and forget that the message of Christ was a message of love, of forgiveness, of mercy and of grace. The Words of Jesus, and I may be wrong in this, but the words of Christ, hold more weight with me, than the words of a man who showed such great disdain for women, for marriage and for love. He admonished men to stay single, unless of course he couldn’t control his sexual urges, then he was to marry, so that when he gave in to those urges, he wouldn’t sin. Sanctity of marriage? Saint Paul didn’t advocate marriage at ALL. I believe that the Bible is Gods Holy Word, I also believe that man is fallable and in the translating time after time after time after time after time… the attitudes of the male dominated societies that offered each translation, offered a translation with their own bias in it. My God would never advocate that a girl/virgin who was raped… her rapist must pay a bride price, that is his punishment for rape and once that bride price is paid… that rape victim became that rapists wife. My God is a merciful God. Lest we overlook it… homosexuality, according to the translation YOU presented, wasn’t the only sexual sin that kept someone out of the Kingdom of God… however, it’s the only sin repeatedly demonized while many overlook fornication. That is HUGE, and a bigger widespread issue than homosexuality, yet it’s not screamed about on street corners, from pulpits or even whimpered about. Having sex with someone you are not married too, not extramarital sex, but sex outside of marriage… is grouped right there along with men having sex with men. Where are the laws outlawing that? adultery…and I hope you know that according to Scripture, the President elect is an adulterer… and his marriage isn’t a marriage because he had already became one flesh with his first wife, or with the first woman he ever had sex with. The fact of the matter is this… what I said before… only God can know a persons heart and only God can redeem or condemn and believe it or not, He doesn’t need your help in making those decisions.

      • Jess, Suppose you show us where in the Bible Jesus makes it clear that he doesn’t care if two men love each other or that it is ok to correct a “mistake” with murder because having a baby would be too inconvenient. People who do not want to obey God, don’t have to, but to lie about what God’s word says is disgusting. The bible says that homosexuality is an abomination. That doesn’t sound like an endorsement to me. And, what about, “Thou shall not kill”? Babies are not mistakes. They are babies and abortion rips the baby from the womb in pieces that have to be put back together to be sure that everything was removed. Those who condone abortion try to convince women that a fetus is just a clump of cells but in Latin “fetus” means little baby. I don’t judge. I will leave that to God but He will judge us as a society that not only allows what He hates but celebrates what He hates.

        • DC
          James 2 verse 10: For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

        • Luke 6:31
          Do to others as you would have them do to you

          Romans 13:10
          Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

          John 4:18-19
          There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us.

          Proverbs 10:12
          Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.

          Ephesians 4:22
          Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

      • Jesss, please learn to read the word of God correctly. it is literature, which means in needs to be read in the context it was written. You are using the fallacy of using the text out of context, and then it be used to mean whatever you intend it to mean. One problem is the Bible tells us that the Truth is foolishness to those outside the kingdom of God, if that is you then I urge you to hear the Gospel and repent. You and I are sinners in need of a savior who is Jesus. I believe that, if you confess with your mouth that He is Lord you too will receive the precious gift of life everlasting.

        • Thanks Joe , I didn’t realize I wasn’t reading the Bible correctly. Please, do educate me on the context in which it is appropriate to tell women they cannot speak.

          Or is it that you are saying we should take the overall message of love, and apply it to all humans, regardless of their sexual preference.

          you can’t have both. sorry.

    • I agree with you! As a fully Bible believing Christian how can you vote for someone who supports the murder of innocent babies? Murder is in the Ten Commandments and as a Christian woman I submit whole heartedly to my Lord and His commandments. Non believers will not understand or agree with the idea of submitting to the Lordship of Jesus. The Greatest commandment is to love one another as Jesus loves us…..that goes also for the unborn child, our neighbors, the homeless and those of different cultures and colors. Non Believers want to vilify Christians when we say we believe homosexuality is a sin or that the unborn have the right to live and trumps the mothers right to abort. We are being obedient to our Lord and the Biblical principals He has given us to live by.

      • On your points, Miriam, should we also accept as many Syrian refugees as we can take in? To be a good samaritan? I agree that Jesus would say yes to that. What do you think?

      • Miriam, I am a Christian, support a Right to Life Clinic, but am quite simply opposed to the proverbial coat hangers and back alley butchers. Women have had abortions since recorded history started and likely before. The thing is ..WOMEN WILL HAVE ABORTIONS..whatever you or I or anyone else believes. Further, as a young nurse I watched young girls almost bleed to death or die of sepsis in the hospital after illegal abortions. And I am opposed to that!!! So, safe, rare and legal. Did you know that poor women make up a disproportionate share of abortions, and that Colorado saw a huge drop in abortions when they began to offer free birth control.
        Even if Roe vs. Wade were to be overturned, it would simply go to the states, and would be banned in some, but not others. Women with enough money will simply travel, Poorer women will have to scrape the money together, at which time it will become a later term abortion, or they will take recourse to something desperate like the old coat hanger Abortion foes would be so much more believable if they worked really hard to get contraception and education available to all women.
        And while I am on a roll, did you know that Planned Parenthood is the only health care some women have, even today. I know someone who worked in one of their screening clinics, and she saved lives. When I hear people rant about killing fetuses, sometimes I believe, like many others that the only thing they care about is fetal life, not the lives of those who are out of the womb and breathing.

    • As a Christian and one who supports a Right to Life clinic, I can tell you how a person can support Roe v.Wade, even while opposed to abortions.
      And it is simply that women WILL have abortions, and that I am anti-coathanger and anti-back street butchery. I saw it’s effects back in the day when I was a young nurse. In the 1800’s when the US was almost entirely a Christian nation, there were millions of abortions done legally, and done because there was poor birth control. The best position for me is safe, RARE, and legal. Abortions dropped dramatically in Colorado when free birth control was made available. Statistically, poor women have a disproportionate abortion rate and have them later because they have to scrape together the money, especially in areas where there are no planned parenthood clinics. So, yes I hate abortions, but do not want to see young women, or any woman, bleed to death or die of infection because she made a regrettable decision.

      • Wow Margaret! This actually sounds like you have educated yourself about an issue and tried to put your beliefs into a modern context, instead of applying rote biblical memorization. It’s very sad how impressive and rare that is.

  10. Hey Kevin!

    Why do you tell the “christians that supported neither” not to be silent?

    If they weren’t silent to start with, then likely we wouldn’t be trying to explain why voting for an oppressor of other people’s human rights is not OK, even if it means you might get to take home more % of your income in less taxes.

    Why is that so confusing for people ? You can’t have it all. you have to choose whether your decisions are for selfish intentions or for others. In this election, that was extremely clear.

    Thanks for an attempt at peacemaking. I actually think peacefully discussing why everyone is so upset is useful / educational / and valuable. I agree most trump supporters made a decision based on general policy , and ‘forgot’ that their decisions had massive consequences for more vulnerable populations than themselves. This was a “me first” decision loud and clear.

    • Thanks Rebecca,

      I can only speak for myself and not other “Christians that supported neither.” But I personally voted 3rd party because I couldn’t vote for either candidate based on my convictions. I couldn’t vote for Trump because of his rhetoric and behavior, and I couldn’t vote for Clinton because of her policies and lack of trust. I was prepared for either to be our president despite my vote, but couldn’t pick between two people I equally couldn’t consciously support.

      Because people who share those sentiments are in the middle and tend to see both sides a little better, I encourage them to speak up and to help bridge the gap between those who are so strongly supporting one or the other candidate. It has less to do with the individual candidates and more to do with our calling as Christians to be peacemakers. Hope that helps.

      • Kevin–

        I hope that you can at least see that your ability to be ‘prepared for either to be our president’ is itself a position of privilege. Minorities do not have that privilege of being ok regardless of who was elected. I think that is now more obvious than ever in the days after the election with hate crimes increased and swastikas graffiti.

        Whether we want to admit it or not, only white Americans chose to use that position of privilege to demonstrate a PROFOUND lack of empathy for vulnerable populations. Maybe our elementary and high school history classes do not do justice to the history of racism, so people are truly unaware of the implications.

        I don’t blame you for being unaware , but please do take this time to realize that a decision to support policies that help you, but hurt others, is selfish. I don’t think most people were aware of how selfish that choice was, so I don’t think that was their intention. But that is the reality.

        • Perhaps. But I can’t help the fact that I was born a white man and that “whiteness” exists. But what i can do, and what I do do, is surround myself with diverse friends and intentionally seek out people different than me to have conversations with and listen to in order to broaden my perspective.

          For instance, I certainly don’t know the anguish of being a black man in America today, but I have taken time to listen to my brothers and have heard their stories and have gained a broader perspective, so that I can stand with them and say black lives matter.

        • Kevin–
          Thank you. Keep it up. Im glad you can say Black Lives Matter without thinking it takes something away from your own life.

          As you continue to think about this, consider also why Syrian refugees matter, picture seriously if you could look a child in the eye who was brought here to escape violence and poverty and say that you are forcing her to go back to her country where the violence remains. Or look a mom in the eye and say that she will be separated from her family.

          Those may be harder to imagine, as they may be farther from the people that immediately surround you. However, I ask you to think about whether Jesus would have as much difficulty.

        • I had the privilege of helping a Syrian refugee family come to KY last year through my seminary who helped to provide for all their needs. I also had the privilege to work with another Syrian family and a Congolese family this summer in learning English. Jesus was a refugee to Egypt, and international refugee’s go through one of the most strenuous screening processes in existence. I have welcome refugees to America with open arms.

        • “It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human and why, just as it’s not the job of the abused to understand their abuser. It’s quite enough work to know about and bear the hatred of so many. It’s quite enough work to go on living.”

      • I agree with you, Kevin, but it is hard to get either side to “talk”. Everyone just wants to lecture or get angry. I did not vote AT ALL for my own reasons and, since that is legal in this country, I am free to make that choice. This is not a “christian” nation, never has been and never will be. One of the reasons people fled England was to escape religious persecution and just look where we are now. If a woman chooses abortion, she will answer to God and the baby is in God’s hands. If a person commits adultery by having more than one spouse scriptually, God will take care of that. I cannot associate myself with either party knowing that I will have to explain my decision to God in the end.

  11. I went into the booth to vote for Gary Johnson, but hit the Trump button at the last moment. I am a pro gay marriage, pro-choice, fiscal conservative. In my household with my wife and kids, we were Hillary-2, Johnson-2, Trump-1. We have been able to have great conversations as to the “why”. This is a great article. I have not posted anything about the election, but just tweeted this article out. Thanks.

    • You’re appalling, and you’ve damaged the lives of millions of people here. I don’t care why you did it. I do very much care about the fact that friends have felt the need to call and make sure that my family and I are okay, given the hate crimes and racist outpourings going on, and given the selection of an open anti-Semite as a cabinet memeber.

      Yeah. Your psychology is about the last thing on the list I’m interested in. Go talk to a shrink if you want understanding for having done a terrible thing.

  12. Thank you for your insightful article to understand all perspectives and remember that God and my faith are more important than a president. I have made peace with this election and am enjoying God’s glory in today’s beautiful Autumn day. I really needed an article like yours today, and when I saw it on Facebook I shared it with my friends.

  13. I appreciate your attempt to build bridges, but you write from a privileged perspective that is not acknowledging the full impact of the hatred and fear promoted by Donald Trump’s campaign. Sure, the other candidates were flawed and unlikeable; however, they did not embrace venomous rhetoric, language that is filling families and children with terror. As a Christian, are you willing to admit this speech is completely contrary to the gospel message? Or are you going to pretend this is a minor problem? I agree not all Republicans are racists that desire to deport the masses, but, let’s be honest, they supported a candidate who embraced toxic language that tears lives apart. They could have written any name on the ballot, yet those chose to protect their own interest and vote for Trump, the candidate who verbally beat down minorities.

    • Clearly I didn’t support Trump for those exact reasons (nor Clinton). And yes his rhetoric and attitude is awful and contrary to the gospel, and I have rebuked it publicly. It’s a major problem that needs addressed. But it needs addressed by listening, loving, and working together, not through violent resistance or inflammatory protesting.

      • It sounds like your heart is in the right place, but I challenge you to think about how your words sound to the people terrorized by Trump’s rhetoric. You are asking them to operate on your privileged terms by insisting they sit down for coffee with people who support a man that verbally abused them. If Christians want to have a real conversation, they need to apologize and repent for supporting a candidate completely at odds with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then ask people to sit down for coffee. It’s time for Christians leaders across the spectrum to offer a prophetic message that challenges those who stand by a president who verbally beats down God’s children.

        • The reason many believers voted for a candidate partially at odds with the Gospel is to avoid a candidate steeped in corruption and a platform diametrically opposed to Christian principles (LGBT , abortion issues).

          There was no great choice in the opinion of most voters I conversed with, but the large consensus was that Trump offered some hope for a positive change on issues that have plagued this country for quite some time. Most Christian voters I was able to have a dialogue with are hopeful that Trump’s supreme court nominee will start us on a path back towards a pro-life nation. This issue alone is far more pressing than the hurt feelings and fear that some minority groups may feel over some of the off-color rhetoric used during the campaign.

          To try to put this issue into perspective for someone not as familiar with a pro-life stance. Many Christians feel as strongly about, if not more strongly about ending abortion (baby murder) than the LGBT community would feel about a death penalty for gays if such a law existed. This issue, from platform alone, is enough to convict many believers to side with the pro-life candidate.

        • Billy, why do you believe that Kevin is “privileged”? Also, do you not know that Paul rebuked those who are capable of working, but instead choose to be idle?

          All conservatives I know have no problem fully supporting people who have true disabilities, or supporting shorter-term those who are in temporary need; what we despise is those who are capable of working but choose not to.

  14. Thanks for your reasonable and compassionate words here! (I posted similar sentiments in acrostic on my poetry blog.). Indeed, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.”

  15. “Not all Trump supporters are racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, white supremacists…..” in addition to misogynistic..

    These are the people whom Donald Trump was courting from the very day he threw his hat in the ring, all the way to punching his ticket to 1600 Penn Ave this past Tuesday. While it is true that not all Trump voters bear these traits, the fact that they still cast their votes for him – knowing full well the person that he is – doesn’t exactly absolve them of any responsibility for what may, nor may not happen (in addition to what is already happening).

    Trump whipped up these sentiments on the campaign trail, and not once did he ever distance himself from white supremacists who openly, and publicly endorsed him. He courted them, and gave them a voice. He never distanced himself from his hateful rhetoric against the “other” (African Americans, Muslims, Syrian refugees, Mexicans, immigrants, etc), and his choice of Mike Pence as VP well calculated in his outreach toward the Evangelical base, and beyond. Even though Trump plainly (and painfully) exhibited nothing remotely even close to the Family and Christian “values” that Evangelicals hold dear, they still went to bat for him. They gave him legitimacy.

    You embrace the man, you embrace the message; there’s no half-stepping it there. Those that embraced Donald Trump with their votes cosigned on his message throughout the entire campaign. So when I hear this “Not all Trump voters are racist, xenophobic, etc…”, that’s your guy; there’s no backing away from this.

  16. Render to Trump the things that are Trump’s; and to God the things that are God’s.

  17. “Not all Trump supporters are racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, white supremacists wanting to repeal the civil rights movement”.

    Okay, but ALL Trump supporters took part in electing a man who is racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, and a white supremacist. And that makes them just as worse as Donald Trump.

    If you are not AGAINST someone, you are FOR them. Indifference is much more dangerous than blatant hate. Lastly, please tell me what it’s like to have a privilege so big that you have the luxury of looking past bigotry and willful ignorance. Because as a minority, I’ll never know.

    • I am white. I am a Mennonite. I am also a lesbian. I have been marginalized, terrorized, harassed, threatened, forced out of the church, .. the list goes on and on. Mennonites/Anabaptists were hunted, imprisoned and killed for going against the state sanctioned church, during the Reformation period in Europe. My forefathers were Jews, in fact our lineage was traced back to the musical tribe of Jubal. That is on my fathers side. On my mothers side… well.. her fathers family emigrated from Austria…he was the youngest child and born in the states.. and her mother was a US citizen of pure German descent. As most who’ve been a part of the US for many generations, we also have some indigenous blood as well. My skin does not give my a privilege when they look down and see my hand in the hand of another woman. I can say, from that place, that having Trump as President is a scary proposition. Having Hilary was just as scary to me. So, I voted for neither. My choice and my freedom and my right. I can step out, even though I am somewhat anxious, with faith and confidence; not in the political climate or “white privilege” but with faith and confidence in God. God is in control and the worse thing that could happen to me, for whatever reason, is being hurt or killed. God is still in control and many don’t want hear it, many won’t and don’t believe it, but even if I die, when I die, no matter how or why I die, God is STILL GOOD and STILL in control. So, I die… but they/hate/bigotry/ignorance/judgmental people can’t do the one thing that would make me terrified. They can’t steal or condemn my soul, because God and Christ have already redeemed it. I refuse to allow fear to dictate my life, my movements, my voice, my existence… not because I am brave or stupid… though some may claim that I am both… but because the One who stands with me, has already defeated death and He is my Refuge, my Strength, my Savior and my Protector and if God be for me, who can be against me?? I chose and choose to NOT put my faith in politics, fallible men or women and instead, put my trust, my faith, my hopes and my dreams at the feet of Gods throne, and when I need too, I can crawl onto His lap and get a hug. God loves me, unconditionally, without holding back.. He loves me completely. How can I offer those around me, any less? The Love of God is greater far than any tongue or pen can tell… it goes beyond the highest star and reaches to the lowest hell.

  18. I have to agree with Petty. The hate has already started and people are being intimidated. Plus, the nationalists groups, emboldened by Trump, are looking for a place at the table.they see a chance to join the mainstream, to recruit, and to have legitimacy, and it is so sad that those well meaning Trump voters could not see that. To me, that was one of the biggest stories of this election cycle, and yet it was was treated as an afterthought by many news organizations.

  19. That is fine, except that you left out every provement to Christians who voted for Hillary similar to what you wrote to Christians who voted for Trump. But rather than “understand the fear “the septic should be “understand the anger”. those individuals need to understand that the frustration Americans are feeling has everything to do with a lying media and corrupt politics, and the believe that their fears and concerns or minimized and disregarded.

    • I think what you’re saying I intended to be implicitly communicated in the suggestion to Clinton supporters to “Ask them WHY they were able to look past Trump’s language and behavior and what they’re looking forward to”

  20. Thank you for this article. I really needed this today. I’ve been praying since the campaign began … now I’m praying that God give our new POTUS Elect knowledge, humility, guidance and patience. Never have I ever been so afraid for my country. To me, I believe that this very well may be the beginning of the Apocalypse. I’ve told my family and friends that if they are NOT good with God that NOW is the time to ensure that they do just that. Personally? I’d much prefer to be “included” IN the Rapture. Some may gawk at my belief, but my heart is telling me to proceed. Continue with my daily prayers and be confident that I AM a child of God. My desire is to be in the hereafter with my loved ones. May God bless us all. I urge everyone to put Mr. Donald Yrump in your daily prayers as well. Our country may be handed over to Donald Trump but my life has been handed over to Jesus Christ my Savior.

  21. Thank you for this! It was the best article from a Christian that I read today. Thank you for promoting peace amongst believers instead of contributing to division.

  22. Never heard of you. Saw this on FB. You are awesome. This is THE message for the Church right now. I hope it will go viral.

  23. You left out an exhortation to the “neithers” to drop the pride in their moral superiority and condescension upon Christians who voted for someone who might win. That’s still evident on social media too. Other than that, nice thoughts.

    • That’s a good point. I sure hope I didn’t come across as “morally superior” by expressing my personal thoughts from a Christian theological perspective, and I apologize if I did. I don’t judge anyone for their choice in voting; as I mentioned, each person has their own reasons and not all Christians share the same political ideologies. Neither platform is “biblical” or “Christian” and both can argue for being more concerned with Jesus’ teachings. The point is to look past differences and be united moving forward to end the hate and have open dialogue. Thanks for keeping me in check.

  24. Here’s the thing, maybe all Trump voters are not racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or xenophobic. But that doesn’t matter, because what they said with that vote was that those things are okay with them. That they can overlook that. That those attributes in a leader are fine with them. Complicity is just as bad. We sin, my church teaches, not just in what we do but in what we have failed to do. Failing to take a stand against those things, that’s a failure of character. And voting for Trump really was, like it or not, a stand for all of that.

  25. I will say that yes I voted Trump, however as you have said not all of his supporters are racist, homophobes and what not. I’m an 18 year veteran of the fire and ems services. Every life is precious to me be it 1yr old or 120 years old this stands the same for skin color. While I’m not color blind because my favorite color is green with blue running a close second. Now with that said I as well don’t, didn’t and will not judge those who voted Hillary Clinton. We all have our reasons for picking which candidate we voted for and therefore it is what it is. It’s time we stop being fed by the deranged government and we as Americans orlf many diversity’s come together and stop the “I hate you for blah blah blah, and you suck cause blah blah blah” and other insults we are all guilty of throwing at one another. We are simply put all God’s children, as we know (especially if youre a parent) know that brothers and sister don’t always get along but we as God’s children have not been getting along for a long time and it’s time we put our differences aside and grow to help, teach and love one another. Just my 2¢ worth and may God bless each and everyone of you. 🙂

  26. For me the issue I have with the article and Trump supporting Christian’s is the lack of ” loving your neighbor”. I am a minority and already am worried about my family. The KKK is holding a victory rally, schools and universities have had racist and anti-semantic symbols painted on them.
    I don’t have the luxury of being able to sit back and think about it. I have to think about how do I keep my family safe? Apparently the life of the unborn ( I’m pro-life ) is more important than the lives and safety of millions of Americans.
    I have to live with this hate of something God created -my skin tone every day and it’s gotten worse over the last 6 months.
    I don’t have the privilege to wait, to listen, I have to survive. I no longer feel safe in the country I was born in. My great great grandmother was a slave and I am also Native American. I have no where else to go to this land and the land of my ancestors is no longer safe.

    I never thought I would see the day when the church became the oppressor and now not messengers of life, love, hope but fear,racism and hatred.

    • Anna

      I am white, and I have never before been so embarrassed by that fact than I am this week. It is amazing to me, that all of the people who are defending a vote for Trump by saying that he is pro-life, can ignore the hate he is rallying for people who are not unborn but already trying to live a peaceful life with basic human rights.

      Unfortunately, 86% of Trump voters are white, and have NO idea what it is like to deal with the racism that is flourishing now.

      My embarrassment is for their lack of empathy. They are choosing to say ‘not my problem’, instead of loving their neighbor. I do not see how that aligns with any Christian value.

  27. EXCELLENT post and so needed. I personally found this to be the most difficult vote I’ve ever cast. There was no candidate that represented my values or priorities in a clear way, but I do believe it is my responsibility to choose.

    And now, days of riots (not thoughtful protests), misuse of “Love” to insinuate that one side has it and the other doesn’t, and embracing the divide that runs right through the middle of our electorate as the popular vote again was too close to call.

    I woke this morning toying with trying to find a way to write what you just did so well. Thank you. I’ll simply share your words!

  28. I cannot be responsible for what others infer about my reasons for not voting for Hillary Clinton. No one has the right to place labels on me because I did not choose their candidate. This is part of the problem. The left does a great job of inferring the motives of those who disagree with their worldview. This helps them make sense of an outcome that they cannot otherwise explain. This is their problem, not mine. It does come as quite a shock when one side thinks they have the moral high ground based solely on a world view where they claim moral righteousness, with everyone else being categorized as “exercising white privilege,” calling them bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, misogynists , and the like. Notice anything here? Rather than deal with people on an individual basis, they choose to develop a comfort zone for their own prejudicial world view by a life of hateful name calling. They have no desire to truly understand the motives of others. It’s far easier to assume they are: (see the name calling above). No values but their own matter or have credibility. Their response is to stifle dialogue and “express themselves with tantrums of spewing hatred, destroying property and burning the flag. In short, their worldview does not exist. They have been taught a lie. They are “afraid” but this fear is the result of their world view being incapable of explaining the existence and validity of other world views. Maybe they would fare better by finally, at long last, acknowledging that their moral superiority, inflammatory generalizations and their own bigotry are to blame for the anger of others toward them. To the left: you want respect, then give respect. You may find that your anger recedes and your true understanding increases. It’s time to grow up and see the world as it is, one person at a time.

  29. Thanks for sharong this, totally agreed!

  30. Thank you Kevin. Greeting from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. I am a graduate of Asbury and am very proud of what you do! Keep it up. I love your article about the election! very well said! GB

  31. Thank You from the bottom of my ❤️

  32. No.

    If Christian Republicans support the “ideology of the party,” then they should have nominated a candidate that engages that ideology in ways that respect and honor the poor and marginalized according to Biblical mandate that God’s people do so. Republicans had the opportunity to do so and chose a candidate who embodies and promotes hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia and has done nothing to quell *that* ideology (unless tweeting how “unfair” exercising a 1st Amendment right is qualifies). No, faith in the wrong kind of God is the problem with American Christianity. God is not on any party’s side, but God does favor the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, and the victim of violence. Own that. The church has failed the vulnerable and chosen to circle the wagons of self interest in choosing Presidet Elect Trump. Unless every white Christian who voted for him gets their hands dirty building bridges and not walls, meeting and serving thier muslum, immigrant, and minority neighbor, and standing against the vitriolic and divisive rhetoric that has arisen in the wake of this election, you may call yourself an admirer of Jesus, but not a follower.

    Sincerely, Reverend Andrea Saccoccio M.Div. D.Min. Independent

    • Andrea, I completely agree about Republicans. Their primary this year shows how divided their party really is and how far they’ve moved away from the primary aspects of their traditional ideology out of anger. It is something that party will need to deal with moving forward, because most Republican leaders won’t stand for the prejudice and divisive rhetoric or policies. They need help. Let’s pray for them. I’m an independent and so don’t have a stake in either party. I, like you, prefer to get my hands dirty working for the kingdom and building bridges. Blessings!

      • I wholeheartedly agree, Kevin, and I hope that Christians, particularly those who voted for Trump, will go to their local mosque and stand outside and offer support and love to their community in the midst of what is, for them, a very fearful moment in history. And I hope that they’ll volunteer to support refugees in their communities, and will be willing to foster black, Hispanic, and really any child that doesn’t look like them. If people cannot see that their Jesus is taunted and hit and mocked and threatened every time the ‘least of these is’ (and I include women and girls in this!) then we do not follow Jesus and he is not our God. Sigh.

  33. I haven’t read through all the replies, so I apologize if I’m repeating words already written.

    I received a link to your blog by someone who attended Seminary with you.

    I would like to comment on your first two points to Clinton supporters, specifically your opinion that the vast majority of Trump supporters are NOT racist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc.

    I agree that many or possibly even most Trump supporters do not consider themselves racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, or misogynistic (I know you didn’t include that in your list, but I thought it was an oversight). They practice self deceit. Not only did they fail to reject a man who unequivocally promoted and profited from inflaming these attitudes, they supported him and made him President. They not only rejected a multifaceted bigot, they embraced and empowered him. In doing so, they endorsed his most prominent views.

    This insidious type of permissive bigotry is in some ways worse than the overt type, because it can cause otherwise “good” people to turn a blind eye to evil, or worse, become active participants.

    So if Trump supporters believe they aren’t bigots, God bless them, but they are wrong, and they are lying to themselves.

    • I don’t necessarily disagree with you. But if Christians “failed to reject a [woman] who unequivocally promoted” abortion, fraud, and unethical businesses practices, people across the aisle would make the same argument against them. Neither candidate, in my humble opinion, were innocent to vote for, and a Christian would be required to compromise principles one way or the other, which is why I voted 3rd party. My point is to stop blaming people for the choices they made and listen to their reasons. I don’t know a single Christian who voted for Trump because the endorsed his rhetoric, but rather in spite of it. Nor do I know a single Christian who voted for Clinton because of her lack of trust or her stance on abortion, but rather in spite of it. We need to listen to each other instead of yelling at each other.

      • I’m not making a point about Clinton, who certainly had her share of faults. And I’m a little too stunned to yell.

        Trump made a central theme of his rise to popularity and power magnifying divisions, fears, hatreds, jealousies, and prejudices.

        It is believable to say, “I supported this bigot because the 2nd Amendment is more important to me than discrimination against others,” or “I supported this bigot because I believe a different trade policy will restore economic prosperity to this country, and that is more important to me than discrimination against others, ” or “I supported this bigot because I believe preventing undesirables from entering our country is more important to me than discrimination against others.” Although I don’t agree with those positions, I can accept them.

        It is not credible to say, “I supported this bigot because it’s the Christian thing to do.”

        You may not personally know any Christian who supported him because of his views, but there were those leaders of the Christian right who championed him as the one who would make it “safe for Christianity in America.” And there were far too few amongst the rest of mainstream Christianity who spoke against his “rhetoric.” And far too few who listened to those who did. Otherwise, the outcome would have been different.

        Is this REALLY the body of Christ?

        • If what you say is true, I would take it as my responsibility, if I want to be a Christian leader, to speak truth to those Christians who sinfully appeal to discrimination as Christian, and to be a voice rebuking them for that. That wasn’t the point of this particular post though. This post is about looking past differences without hatred, listening to each other, and remembering who is lord.

      • Kevin. No one promotes abortion. As I said before, women WILL have abortions. Clinton, like many other Christians understands this and simply does not want to see the hemorrhages and killer infections of the illegal era. Donald Trump said in the last debate that he wanted to see Roe v. wade overturned, and the decision about legality should rest with each state. Abortions are not going away, and the most constructive thing pro life people can do is support sex education and contraception, with free contraception for poor women. All the wailing about murder will not prevent a person intent on having an abortion.

  34. I support your effort to help others enage in dialogue, but this aritcle is the epitome of white privilege and part of the problem. It’s easy for a conservative, white male to make such a proposal because you have not been a victim of hateful, degrading speech. If Christians want to keep a shred of integrity, they need to publicly repent for supporting racism and confront Trump’s behavior. A coffee date will not heal the deep wounds caused by a toxic campiagn.

    Oh, and for those who say there was no choice in the matter. You could have written any name on your ballot, but you chose the candidate who openly expressed disrespect for minorities, women, and disabled people. They are God’s children too.

    • Who said I was conservative? And if racism and misogyny are something you stand against, how can you make a judgement against me for being a white male that you don’t know?

  35. I would like to reply in the most respectful way possible to this letter. I am a white liberal who came from a very conservative Christian background, so I’ve been in both places and understand, and have empathy for, people all along the political spectrum.

    I find it deeply hard to read past your first statement to Christian Clinton supporters. Not because it makes me uncomfortable. Because this kind of dismissal of evidence of deep racism and sexism in the US today is what allows that racism and sexism to continue to live and grow unchecked.

    You may not have directly experienced this racism, sexism, or homophobia, and that may be why you move immediately to exaggeration and dismissal.

    We are not saying everyone who voted for Trump secretly harbors deep racist, sexist, or homophobic tendencies.

    We are saying that to vote for Trump, who not only speaks but encourages and incites hatred toward others based on gender, race, religion, and sexuality, is to vote for those things. He made them explicit and central to his platform, and intends to enact them in his policies.

    To say that you yourself do not harbor these sentiments is completely beside the point. Voting for Trump gives him the permission to powerfully change the world and make it far more dangerous than it already is for people of color, GLBTQ, trans people, women, Muslims, and on and on. So you have committed yourselves to his racist and sexist (and unconstitutional) vision of America.

    To call this an exaggeration leads me to believe you are addressing a population you believe has never experienced racism or sexism. But the stories are all around you if you stop hiding from them.

    This is so far away from my understanding of Christ’s mission, and my experience of grace, that I am in great despair to see how many Christians still found it in their hearts to vote for this racist candidate.

  36. Kimberly M. Kirshman

    Kevin Cook,
    Is this really you?! I applaud your effort to try to bring some peace to both side, but most of all, I am just proud of you! I saw your post on Tad’s FB page and thought – that’s Kristen’s Kevin! I have some very strong feelings on this election and what it has done to our country. That said, even I (opinionated, former WTD Student Council Advisor), took a moment to reflect on your words. Thank you for what you are trying to do. I know you do see it from multiple lenses – again – I’m so proud of you!
    Ms. K (Kim)

  37. The bottom line is that we are All Americans. The leftists have worked very hard to divide we Americans using labels for people, they set us apart and identify us by race, sex, income level, religion, education level, etc etc. Trump won because he is using the term American instead of disecting people for their differences. It is so refreshing that we are Americans again regardless of our race, sex, etc etc. As Americans, we need to overlook our differences and work towards attacking problems instead of eachother. Concentrate on the problems that effect all of us. Jobs etc.

    • The bottom line is that we are All Americans. The rightists have worked very hard to divide we Americans using labels for people, they set us apart and identify us by race, sex, income level, religion, education level, etc etc.

    • Are you seriously arguing that Trump, of all people, is arguing for universal rights and equality regardless of race, color, or creed?

      It’s pretty clear that in Trump’s America only white, Christian, straight males are truly deserving of respect and rights. Everyone else he’s thrown under the bus, by word and deed.

  38. I don’t know how to edit my post. It should say, “I am NOT a pessimist by nature.

  39. I think everyone is forgetting a very crucial point. If God wanted Hillary as our next President she would have won. There is a reason Trump won. God allowed it. Just something to think about.

    • We are not the Chosen People, and maybe God did not “allow” anything in our election, but just left it to us. Seriously.

    • God didn’t choose Trump as president, the voters did. People have free will, and God allows all the consequences of humanity’s free will to occur, regardless of whether they’re good or evil. That’s the whole point of free will.

      God didn’t “want” or “allow” Eve to eat the apple, except by giving her free will to make the choice herself. Likewise the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, and every other human-created tragedy in the history of the world. (I’m not suggesting that the Trump election is like those, only that they too were the result of free will, and that we can’t infer that God wanted something to happen just because it happened.

  40. The only missing piece is failing to state that White Christians who voted for Trump participated in elevating a platform of hate. That’s what they did. They didn’t get to vote for part of Trump. Their vote was for all of him. Their vote promoted the hate rhetoric of his platform. They now have an obligation to reassure those people targeted by Trump. White Christians don’t get a pass on his hate rhetoric. Their vote supported hate. Period. They need to own that vote. It’s not up to the bullied to reconcile with the bully. It is always the bullies obligation to reconcile to the bullied. To make amends. The White Christian who voted for Trump cast that vote because they had no skin in the game. They weren’t going to experience oppression as a result of their vote. But they knowingly cast a vote that has resulted in direct harm to others. They have a greater obligation to repair that harm than any other voter. They have damaged their witness to Christ by siding with the bully. They are obligated to lead in repairing the damage.

  41. My husband and I have a Syrian roommate. He is very hard-working and is an architect. He is very sweet and respectful. As a devout Christian I felt deep shame whem Trump was elected. Trump ran his campaign on bigotry and racism. I have been trying to share what being a Christian means to him, but it is hard to share the Word when Christians have openly preached from the pulpit to support someone who clearly does not represent Christian values. Trump cheated on his wives, trading one trophy wife for the next. He demeans women and every minority. He has demeaned and bullied everyone throughout this campaign. To hate Hillary because she believes in safe abortions, where at least the mother lives versus back alley abortions where both mother and babies died is wrong. Most people who believe pro choice do not like abortions either, so the answer is to either have good birth control or come alongside women who choose to have the babies and help them. People forget that the Clintons supported the earned income credit for low income earners who had children. I was married to a high income earning white man who crashed from alcoholism. I had to raise our children on my own and the earned income credit was a Godsend. I do not know of anywhere in the Bible where it says abortion is a sin. Furthermore, Moses, David, and Paul were all murderers, yet God loved them and used them.

  42. Very thoughtful and well written, and much appreciated. I awoke Wednesday morning with feelings of trepidation and sorrow. I have read many things since then that have helped overcome some of that and your article has been particularly helpful and helped me find some peace. I am not a Christian, though I was raised in that tradition, but I respect your beliefs and will defend your right to them,as I hope you’ll respect mine.

  43. Thank you for the well thought out article.

    I would like to say something to all the posters who don’t agree with Trump voters. Be true Christians and love your brothers and sisters although you don’t agree with the choice they made.

    It is truly sad that there has been so much divisiveness in families and our country because they don’t agree. It comes across as I am right and you are wrong. That is not Christian. Trump was voted the President and there isn’t anything that can be changed. Let’s love each other regardless of who your friends or family voted for.

  44. You make good points but i wonder why you are specifically speaking to only Christians? You should be addressing all Americans in this as we are all affected. I did not vote for Trump. His campaign was one of promoting hate and disrespect. I have asked several of my Trump supporter friends why they would vote for a person who promotes hate and disrespect and encourages his followers to incite bullying and violence. No one had answered me.
    People of color, women, LGBTQ, Muslims, Jews, the disabled are already the brunt of abuse and attacks by Trump followers who feel they have license to spread the hate. We are definitely fearful for our safety.

    Part of the problem is non inclusiveness of the non Christian Americans.

  45. One gets so tired of listening to fundamentalist Christian support for a candidate like Donald Trump. It must not go unchallenged. There are many thinking Christians who do not support his values. This is written about those who do.
    Christian fundamentalists who support the values of the extreme right violate the very teachings of Christ whom they claim to follow.
    Conservative politicians in any country promote three basic policies which:
    • Concentrate money and power in the hands of the rich and powerful.
    No matter what the name of their legislative bills, there are always loopholes to accomplish this. The argument that is often presented is that prosperity at the top will “trickle down” to the lower and middle classes.
    • Legislate against the environment because green policies cost their base too much.
    • Legislate to take power away from the educated middle class.
    The educated and motivated middle class will always challenge and erode entrenched power to spread it more fairly to common citizens.
    Christ was not political. He taught that the individual must change from within which must be revealed in a new external life lived among fellow citizens of Earth. This implied that his followers would have to figure out for themselves what this meant in terms of their obligation to society.
    The Christian Right believes that “doctrinal correctness” (having “correct” theology) causes the Creator to “bless America (and Canada)” as if physical reward is given to those of theological purity. Nonsense; Christ promised no prosperity, nor did He promote riches. Rather he eschewed material comforts and warned that the pursuit of same would compromise one’s dedication to God. This attraction to material wealth as a reward allows some fundamentalists to legitimize the seeking of wealth and to support Conservative politicians who promise the same.
    These fundamentalists fear change because they equate it with religious liberalism and “backsliding”. This fear causes them to ally with Conservatives who resist change for entirely different reasons; that is, to keep them rich and in power. Christ reveled in change. He challenged all the religious fundamentalists of his day, the Scribes and Pharisees, and told them that their interpretation of Hebrew law was damning to their souls. He showed them in many ways that the way to demonstrate love for God and obedience to religious teachings was to serve others in every way.
    Christ never mentioned environmental concerns in any records we have, but He did promote personal responsibility and thankfulness for what we have. Interpreting those values on an overpopulated Planet with modern environmental challenges, leads us to view proper care of the Planet as an expression of true religion.
    Christ did not directly criticize Roman rule, which was certainly elitist to the extreme, but modern notions of abolition of slavery, personal freedom and democratic rights for all are all summarized in and come from His teaching of how one should treat fellow citizens.
    All this is not to say that a Christian cannot have Conservative affiliation or believe in some aspects of Conservatism. Neither is it to say that Jesus would have today a political membership in a specific Party.
    BUT almost everything that Donald J Trump says, does, supports, and promotes, is in violent opposition to the teachings of Christ. No Christian should support him in any way, even if they find some policy of his they agree with.

    • Agreed, this is what I have been trying and failing to articulate based on my observations of modern Christianity. Thank you for writing this.

    • Wow what a post. We have had 8 years of just what you explained, and I have never seen so much misery and poverty in this country as we have now, Thank God for Trump it is no doubt it is God’s will Trump is our next President. A Men and Thank god.

  46. I’m sorry but the first lines on this piece is your not for either party yet you said “I’m in shock” plus you go on and day Cesar,Obama,Rump are not God but you left out Hillary, plus you left out all the bad stuff she has I think you are for Hillary and your comments were not true. Thanks for your post.

    • Well that’s certainly an interesting take. Hillary isn’t in a position of power, so there’s no need to refute equating her with God. I was in shock because no one thought she’d lose… the same reason the whole country was in shock. And no, I don’t like Hillary Clinton one bit and refused to vote for her.

  47. I am praying daily for the salvation of Donald Trump.

  48. Awesome said Amen God is the king
    Not Donald Trump. Pray for peace. Show the world we can get pass this.

  49. I feel so deeply saddened, confused and upset by “christians” who can vote for Donald Trump. I see so much hypocrisy because this man has been married several times, he’s a misogynist, he worships money, even looks down on people who are poor. He has said so many hateful things to incite division, especially to those who don’t look like him. Who are “the blacks, the muslims, or Jews?” Those who are citizens of this country should be viewed as one in America. How does Donald Trump’s moral character and behavior not be questioned by these “christians?” He does not exemplify God’s love and mercy…..God does not incite hate and division. The only “godly” thing he aligns with is abortion. Is that the only thing “christians” care about? I don’t agree with abortion, but I believe people have a right to choose because they are the only ones accountable to God come judgment day.
    God does want our leaders to be more accountable to Him, especially those who lead His flock. There is a greater responsibility to those in leadership positions because of the influence they command over a people. How do you justify a Donald Trump presidency when he is not inclusive nor empathetic to groups of different people? “Christian’s” chose this man for their own personal gain, not even looking at humanity as a whole. The US is comprised of many different people with many different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs; that’s what makes this country so great! How does Donald Trump embody love for a nation filled with diversity? How does he represent love of this country and God’s merciful love?
    I am disappointed and saddened by my fellow “christians.”

    • Well now that we have several “Perfect” people to chose from which of you are going to run for the Presidency next go round? Casting the first stone!

    • Sarah: I would think it incumbent upon you to study the man before you condemn him. so let me help you get up to speed on a few things that may soften your criticism of the man in the future. Possibly you have heard of SGT Tamaresee possibly the spelling is wrong, the soldier that languished in a Mexican prison for over 200 days because of confusion at the border and he mistakenly ended up in Mexico and once there informed Mexican authorities of the mistake and they threw him in jail. Donald Trump donated a goodly sum of money to him so he could get back on his feet when he returned home, and did it without media coverage or fanfare, out of the goodness of his heart, and the child that was unable to get a flight from his home to the medical facility on the other side of the country for a special procedure because of the medical equipment Donald Trump used his own plane to transport the child for free, there are many more but look them up for yourself. and your Muslim comment, if you are referring to the guy that falsely accused him at the convention well he was defending himself is all, and the Syrian refugees he was concerned about American’s safety, also as with illegal aliens it is the president’s job to protect our borders. we are a country of laws, if presidents in the past had done their jobs properly we would not have this problem of illegals someone must solve the problem eventually and now you want to beat up on a man for being tasked to do past president’s jobs. Your Jewish comment really his son-inlaw is Jewish and his daughter is Jewish. and blacks all he wanted is a better life for them and that is bad? I never recall him speaking ill of American Citizens. Now Criminal aliens those are the ones he wants gone as do I. you said “He does not exemplify God’s love and mercy” I say to you, he who is without sin cast the first stone. Donald Trump has always been inclusive when it comes to American Citizens and want’s a better life for us. If you can,t see that I feel bad for your onesided vision. Now I suggest that from now on before you so erroneously condemn someone you do your research much better. so breathe easy with Trump as our President life in the USA will get better.

  50. Thought provoking article Kevin. For every commenter still looking at the other side with anger, hate, disdain, please let it go. We are, despite our differences, mandated to exhibit forgiveness, tolerance, and love. Let love reign in our hearts. We will see an amazing shift in the nation if we each choose to love, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it becomes. I am a middle-aged African American woman who didn’t vote for either candidate but I pray that we each see that this is greater than any of us.

  51. Now that we have the proof that Hillary Clinton bought the violence we saw at Trump Rallies and we know the riots are also bought and paid for by Soros Groups. I ask you now to reach a little further and come to understand the fear being felt by the Clinton Supporters….. is being manufactured by a group with a political agenda. They want the Clinton Supporters scared to death!

    Bought and Paid for and as disgusting as anything I have ever seen. Now given this possibility. Does that possibly explain in part what you have so adeptly observed? We will discover who exactly is behind it. We do not have to look far from where we found the others.

    • Are you smoking a lot of weed or happen to be some sort of conspiracy theorist? Paying people to beat other people up is something that is illegal. The fact that you think Clinton did that is exactly why the world right now, not just Hillary supporters, thinks all Trump supporters might be morons. I know they aren’t, but your comments suggest otherwise.

      • before you start accusing people of smoking weed it would behoove you to do some research, DanFromMo is spot on in what he said. When Obama was elected how many demonstrations did you see and how many riots did you see? Oh that is right there wasn’t any. Time to smarten up and do your research before you start accusing people of things.

        • Ha, so you are saying the fact that riots have happened, is proof that Hillary was behind them? you are a moron

  52. Can’t imagine you would be shocked, with what we had to pick from the choice to me is crystal clear. 1. Hillary who has been in government most of her career and her major accomplishment was getting 4 Americans killed than lying about the cause to the family’s face. 2. Donald who has never been in government but managed to build a multi billion dollar business and employ thousands of people, our country is headed off over the cliff and he appears to be the one who can better fix it. I went back and read more of your post what shocks me is the hypocrisy of someone sitting back and letting our country fall off over a cliff and is unwilling to lift a finger to help,(typical left winger) than sitting back and trying to tell the people how to handle it sort of rich if you ask me. about my comment in () now Trump and his supporters and that includes ME must take on the arduous task unemployment and debt in this country give us a bit of time we are doers not talkers. if I appear a bit ticked off you are right. Because a person has been married more than once that does not make us irredeemable, God will make that decision. By the way 4 years ago we managed without a peacemaker and I am sure we would have been able this time also but it did not happen that way now did it. Also all your degrees you speak about don’t impress me much and that is because of your words, when you get to be my age you will probably understand why I feel the way I do.

  53. Christians vote Democrat. Christians vote Republican. And Libertarian. And Green. And Independent, Federalist, Whig, and on and on.

    These facts have ALWAYS existed, in each and every American election that has ever occurred. Christians have as many politically varied viewpoints as any other people group.

    It is not required that we make our views or our votes “OK” with each other. It is required that we love as Jesus loves. And still love when we disagree.

    That is the simple way through this. There is no separate message for a Trump supporter, a Clinton supporter, or a Never supporter. It’s all the same message, and it’s Christ’s message.

  54. First of all I love you. Second I hope I didn’t sense that those that didn’t vote for either are somehow the more enlightened ones. Christians should ALL be willing to forgive, tolerate, encourage, love, hope, be kind, etc. It looked like the order was given for either party buck up, be nice, love your opponent while the third party voters will kinda bring it all together because they are somehow a little more, with it spiritually. Maybe I am being too sensitive so forgive me if it seems like it. I’m a little afraid too but GOD is in control and not Trump or Hillary supporters and not third party supporters.

    • I love you too 🙂 and you are right. I didn’t mean that those who voted third party were “more enlightened”, just have an outsider perspective to not be defensive of a side, enabling peacemaking.

      • Well in my opinion a good christian should support the country and not do a scapegoat maneuver that they no will amount to nothing so they can say they voted. a lot like your main post was because I was not impressed with it, it was sorely lacking. I am not trying to be rude here but you should think through what you say here and try to not be so condescending to your readers. For example you come on here and tell about all your education and degrees that you hold, than you say that you voted for a 3rd or 4th party which had a 3 or 4% chance of winning. Somehow to me that doesn’t demonstrate to me that you got much out of all your education. but than what do I know I am just a stupid Republican.

        • Clayton. This is my personal website. That’s why there’s info about me.

          I chose to vote 3rd party because it was a candidate i respected most. I won’t vote for someone who I don’t trust and who hadn’t earned my vote.

          Finally, I’m sorry if you think I’m being condescending. You don’t have to stay here, and it is perfectly acceptable to read something on the internet you disagree with and simply close it and move on with life. If you disagree with me, I suggest you just close this website and move on.

          God bless you

  55. Clayton, this is Kevin’s blog. You have made your views clear over and over.

    Thank you Kevin for a very good article and to everyone who has responded. Fascinating reading!

  56. Mike, I can see from your words I am no longer welcome here so this will be my last post. But I am not ok when people get things so wrong. have a great day and God bless.

  57. Thank you for this article & the reminder that the state is not the Church. We’ve had plenty of other presidents who have been racist, sexist, homophobic and crass and we’ve survived.

  58. I’m an Indian Christian and I’m still appalled by how evangelicals voted for Trump.
    I’m of the opinion that church and state should be separate as Thomas Jefferson advocated. I keep hearing America is a nation established on Christian principles.
    This nation was built on the back of slaves and immigrants after a mass genocide of Native Americans. I don’t think Christ stood for any of that! I think evangelicals secretly want white superiority because they may think somehow God has deemed their race special. With Obama being president for 8 years they felt their white privilege slipping away. White evangelicals are ok to go to Kenya and spend massive amounts of money to feed the poor, but they cannot have the son of a Kenyan become US President.
    Also Republican Christians harp so much about the institution of marriage and its sanctity, but when it comes to frivolously grabbing women we have to forgive and think Trump is sinful like David. Do they only think of pro-life and anti-himosexuality as the absolute tenants of Christianity? There is so much more to being Christian than that. Christ kept his earthly mission and “Caesar” separate. He did not come to change the Roman government but change souls. He said “you cannot serve both God and Mammon”. All governments, Wall Street, and financial institutions are “Mammon” and evangelicals want to lie in bed with Mammon and somehow mix God into it. Please understand that everyone that says “Lord, Lord will not enter the kingdom, only the one that does the will of God” I stood by the following verse and I could not vote for Trump or Clinton, or be part of any Party.
    “This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place”
    I also cannot minister to my Hindu friends and spread the love of Jesus if they know I voted for Trump. They would disqualify me rights off the bat!

  59. I also want to point out that I’m a naturalized US citizen.

  60. The recent event was not actually envisaged, however, as Christians, anything that happens contrary to our expectations must not lead to despair. It is imperative we submit to God’s Will, which sometimes goes beyond our comprehension.
    The devil always seeks for opportunity like this to make Christians lose faith in God. We must be careful. We must avoid falling into his snare. We must not be bitter as well. We must be on our guard. Remember, iniquity may abound, your love for God must not wax cold.
    Since God is wiser, let us accept the fact that he knows better. We need to heed the counsel given in the article here. Blessed are the peace maker, for they shall be called sons of God. More so, Jesus counsels His followers to love even their enemies. Bitterness defiles, avoid it. Hatred stirs up strife. He who hates his brother is a murderer. Love is the end of the law.

  61. It IS legitimate fear, and minimizing it does not help minorities.Trump has PROMISED to harm minority groups. He as PROMISED to decimate LGBT rights. Hate crimes and bias incidents have skyrocketed. To imply that the fear is not legitimate gives those who wish to harm minorities another tool.
    LOVE is a better way to go. LOVE minorities by standing up for their rights, standing against hate crimes and bias incidents–even if you were complicit in the bigotry by voting for Trump.

    • Thank you for that.

      To all those Republicans who called for the Moderate Muslims to speak out against the Extremists. Here’s your chance, start calling out the racist behaviour of those who are acting out after the election, call them on it, shout out how you don’t stand with them, stand up and be heard. Let’s hear you put your soul where your mouth is.

      Don’t deny that it’s happening on a massive scale, or deny that it’s the direct result of Trumps bigoted demagoguery. It’s happening, and it’s time to hear every Trump supporter with a conscience denounce it loud and clear.

  62. I’m a Christ follower who voted for Trump, on one conviction–For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Why did you vote third party? You crack me up! HD

  63. Kevin, really? As a Christian you couldn’t see the threat Hillary Clinton posed for the Church? You probably think Jesus and the devil will shake hands in the end.

  64. I have no respect for someone who did not vote or voted third party because it was a vote for the status quo and corruption and proof they believed the media lies and did not do their own research. It is not a conviction it is cowardice. Therefore the rest of his points are invalid.

    “I voted for Trump, and this is why:
    I watched as our tax dollars pay ransom to our enemies, and I hung my head in shame. I watched our Commander and Chief apologize to Japan, and my heart ached for America.
    I watched our service men, our sailors, America, down on their knees before our enemies, and my heart bleed for America. I watched riots in our streets, in our own land, because of what, a different tint in our skin color, and I cried for America. As I watched, I waited, and when it came time that I could make a difference I did I voted, I voted for a change, I did not go out and protest against the President even when I was watching our great nation, apologize, kneel, riot, or pay ransom.” – annon

    • So if we voted third party we voted for corruption?? You need help. I voted third party because my conscience and my beliefs would not allow me to vote for evil. Trump is a horrible human being. At his best he is a malignant narcissist at his worst a sociopath. HRC is no better. So by trashing people for voting their conscience you are demonstrating that you don’t have one.

  65. As a Christian, I am not required by Scripture to put my head in the sand and deny the truth, but I am required to live peaceably with all men as possible. I will do the following: Rom 12: 14Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. 16Be of the same mind toward one another; do not be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly. Do not be wise in your own estimation. 17Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all men. 18If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. 19Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord. 20“BUT IF YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY, FEED HIM, AND IF HE IS THIRSTY, GIVE HIM A DRINK; FOR IN SO DOING YOU WILL HEAP BURNING COALS ON HIS HEAD.” 21Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. But do not take this too far. Jesus rules over the lives of believers, not Satan or any other authority. Jesus NEVER ask us to accept an evil spirit into our lives. And I think this is what preachers or anyone else is asking me to do when they ask me to accept the “person” of Donald Trump or anyone like him. Jesus did not pray for the world or unbelievers. He does not accept them: John 17:6“I have manifested Your name to the men whom You gave Me out of the world; they were Yours and You gave them to Me, and they have kept Your word. 7“Now they have come to know that everything You have given Me is from You; 8for the words which You gave Me I have given to them; and they received them and truly understood that I came forth from You, and they believed that You sent Me. 9“I ask on their behalf; I do not ask on behalf of the world, but of those whom You have given Me; for they are Yours; 10and all things that are Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine; and I have been glorified in them. 11“I am no longer in the world; and yet they themselves are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep them in Your name, the name which You have given Me, that they may be one even as We are. 12“While I was with them, I was keeping them in Your name which You have given Me; and I guarded them and not one of them perished but the son of perdition, so that the Scripture would be fulfilled. (see verse 9). YHVH makes a distinction between believers and unbeliever. If Jesus will not accept the world, nor will I. Lastly, if a so called Christian is afraid because Trump is the President Elect, he is not made perfect in love: 1 John 4:There is no fear in love; but perfect (brought to its end, finished; lacking nothing necessary to completeness; perfect ) love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect ( τετελείωται τίς ἐν τῇ ἀγάπη, one has been made perfect in love, his love lacks nothing) in love. “”How can a believer know that his love for the Father is being perfected? This paragraph of 1 John [4:17—5:5] suggests four evidences [namely, confidence (4:17-19), honesty (4:20-21), joyful obedience (5:1-3), and victory (5:4-5)].” I am required to pray for the President Elect, but I am also required to be honest! Lastly if ANY so called Christian has his or her faith placed anywhere except Yehoshua, he or she is not saved. Placing one’s faith in Jesus is essential to salvation. See my book Classroom Biblical Theology I and III, the Doctrine of Repentance and Conversion, pp 305 ff. Get your theology correct:

  66. According to James Dobson, Donald Trump made a profession of faith several months. If this is accurate ( I was not there), then Trump is a new believer, and we like Christ should show forgiveness. A great analogy would be Saul, who persecuted and murdered Christians, becoming Paul, a devoted sold-out disciple of Christ. God even states that “he is my chosen vessel (instrument) in Acts, when Ananias asked why he should go help this vile man. So just maybe Donald Trump is a chosen vessel. I ask you Christians out there, do you not believe that once you are saved that you change , not to perfection immediately, but gradually learning CHrist- like ways? If it is true, then EVERY CHristian should support him as he leads and as he grows in CHrist.

    • Talk is cheap, and Trump has demonstrated over and over again that he’s willing to say anything if it suits his needs. Trump certainly hasn’t acted any more Christ-like in the past few months than before. It’s yet more election-driven empty rhetoric, like his claim that he’ll help the working class rather than the Wall Street bankers and billionaires he just appointed to his Cabinet.

  67. Don Sterling Wilcox

    Thank you for a well written essay of information and suggested instructions for us survivors of the election.

    I could not and did not support Trump. For many of the same reasons I suspect you and many of your readers couldn’t and didnt.

    My biggest fear of the Trump presidency is his promise to appoint hard core right wing Christians to the Supreme Court with the intent of interpreting the Constitution as if it were a right wing Christian document instead of a religion free document as intended by its authors. Looking at his list of potential presidential appointees it looks like it is his intent infuse our government with right wing Christianity also in conflict with the intent of our founding fathers.

    I love my country. I love the rights and freedoms it affords me. I fear that Trump and his appointees will make this country a very uncomfortable place for anyone that is not of the Christian faith. I also fear they will overturn, repeal or simply ignore the freedom of religion, equal protection under the law amendments and ex post facto protections in Article I of the U. S. Constitution. Today Trump’s targets are Muslims, Hispanics, immigrant (legal and illegal) and homosexuals. Who is next? Jews? Catholics? Anglicans, non-whites? Women?

    Would you please consider an essay addressing these fears?

    Thank you,
    Don Sterling Wilcox

  68. I enjoyed your piece and actually agreed with most of it. There is one aspect I find hard to follow. I do not think that conservatives would consider rebellion in its literal sense. Rather they would give the President elect and sworn in the opportunity to lead the country and let her or his actions speak for them. This is what the conservatives have done with President Obama. We did not take to the streets and certainly did not desiccate the flag. We did not cause harm to anyone or to any person’s property or Goverment interest. Since the election I have prayed for peace and education for those people that are having such a hard time. With education regarding US Government perhaps they would not have the issues they do. May God Bless America.

    • The rebellion thing was a joke, hyperbole.

    • Many conservatives did exactly that when Obama was elected. Some even burned Obama in effigy and took to the streets to protest, armed to the teeth and shouting violent slogans. Many, including our new President, yelled hateful racist screeds about Barack Hussein Obama being a Kenyan Muslim and the Antichrist.

      Surely our memories aren’t so short that we’ve forgotten all that?

  69. Thank you. This was a VERY timely piece for me as I seek to find words to address family members perpetuating the hate. THANK YOU for finding the succinct words to reflect our necessity in “being the Church”!!!!

  70. Thank you Kevin. You’ve so eloquently spoken what many have been feeling.

  71. I really appreciate this but mostly for the first point about smaller government. We (my husband and I) have a small business and I was working the last four years to have a small business myself that I did on my own but I had to give it up because of the taxes. In the end, the government stomped me out. So it’s a cruel irony for me to hear how women should ‘dream’ and be ‘strong’ and whatever else is the going narrative of the hour. I was doing precisely that! But, I’ll say it again just for fun, I had to give it up because of the government regulations upon small business and independent contractors, taxes and the gap we fall in over healthcare – can’t afford it, don’t qualify to get help with paying for it. So, naturally, while I regret the village idiot of the family was the one we ended up propping up as a candidate, the drunk cousin you are profusely apologizing to your guest for as he is whoo-hooing! and jumping on the furniture (but he rented the tent and is paying for the food for their wedding/anniversary/graduation/baby-christening) I have to consider the actual work he will get done, the lasting things that will have a positive impact and possibly allow for hope in our economic futures.

    I think that the place where I am having the biggest struggle is this realization of the mass amount of people who wanted to put HRC in office just for the sake of having a ‘woman’ president. I am a woman and I have been a female my whole life and while I can appreciate and identify with ‘the struggle’ there is not a thing upon this earth I would ever do to try to advance my career, dreams, or even day-dreams, for that matter, if it ever came at the expense of someone else livelihood. It angers me that such a vast multitude were so dismissive of the welfare and well being and future of small business (who are suffering greatly in this economy under tax & regulations, etc..) just for the sake of getting the first woman elected as POTUS. To me that is so grossly irresponsible and then when they lose to then say it’s a culture against women. That may be true for some, I can’t say it isn’t but to think or to say it is a driving force behind her loss and then TEACH that to little girls… grrrr. It is so wrong, it is so grossly dismissive of families and individuals very capable of making rational decisions and having nothing to do with their “Let’s get a woman nominated!” agenda – we actually have an agenda, if you must, and they have no regard for it, never ever mention it. Above all things, all the crying for her loss I hear of, this is the one that really infuriates me the most, way deep down inside, but outwardly… I keep a gracious stance and remain a neutral voice and smile 😀
    (but not too big of a smile, lest I offend and look proud, because I am ‘not’ proud. Who is actually proud of all of this??) and go about my day.

    Thank you, I’ll sit down now.

  72. Kevin, Thank You for your Article and showing Compassion for both sides of the situation. I can say before this Election I have never spent as much time reading and listening to the debates, articles, commercials, flyers etc. I watched every debate, listened, watched body language, remarks etc. My parents were Democrates and I was raised to be the same. Thoughout this Election I personally didn”t like the remarks, gestures that Donald Trump expressed! I personally have been abused by both men and woman in the workplace and just because for many years I was obese and treated terrible so I know first hand what abuse is! As I listened to both sides and Donald Trump I liked what he was saying on how he could improve the country! I am aware he is only one man and everything has to go through congress however our country needs real change!! I have never been a racist, against anyone personally, or a devious person to harm anyone. We are are unique individuals and God created everyone and as a baby you only are aware of love not hate! I was married and divorced from a man who is from another country and my grandparents came as Immigrants from other countries. They came to work, become legal and make a better life which they did. I was a single Mom after my divorce and I worked two and three jobs, overtime whatever it took to take care of my daughter! My ex-husband wasn’t responsible and new how to operate the system to get out of helping me. I am not perfect but I did the right thing and took care of my daughter. Our Government has made it a payday for many who have multiple children by multiple partners and not legally bound to anyone? This isn”t being racist this is a Fact! Shelter, Food, Phones, Wic, Healthcare, benefits on Healthcare such as over the counter free meds, strollers, pack-n-play the list goes on and on! The parties live in the same household and say one or the other took off and whe it is time to file taxes can’t get to the ATM fast enough to receive $8,000-$10,000?? It is a privilege for everyone to live in the U.S. And you have no entitlements as people think? We have Military who fought for our nation living in the woods and the senior population eating cat food because they can’t get help?? Anyone that comes to this country should be legal, pay taxes, just like the next guy, and not live beyond on the LAW! Everyone is equal and not better than the next guy! The Government is shady so everyone else feels it’s ok and we can sugar coat anything and twist it to make it so! Our country was founded on principles and we are supposed to be civilized people? I believe God has looked on our nation for a very long time and he stepped in and made the decision! When you don’t move God will move you! He wants a world with Love and Order and Peace. I believe both parties made many errors, mistakes, remarks. When you really look at the whole picture Donald Trump has plenty of money, is well connected, doesn’t need the headaches, for himself or his family? For what purpose other than to help the U.S. Would anyone in his shoes in their right mind would want to run this Country?? I also believe that many more people voted for him and didn’t tell the real truth for him to win. The votes were cast he didn’t win by radar? If you have any kind of a conscience you can’t clearly say everything the Clintons have done have been Top Notch?? You can’t blame one man for everything it has been many years of troubles, lies, cover-ups! American is tired of what has happened and had Enough! We the people woke up and spoke up!! I honestly believe many people restled with their voting decisions and it had nothing to do with discrimination of one or the other. American needs a new direction and even if it is baby steps it is a step in the right direction. Will he accomplish all? Maybe not but if one good thing that comes out of this is American took a stand!! Something that should have happened many years ago and said enough is enough!! God first, family second, government third! Everyone’s life needs order and accountability to be a successful person with wisdom and character. We are all here for a purpose and we must all remember this is God’s Kingdom not ours!! Hate is a learned behavior and we all want the same love and peace within one’s self. We must all stand tall and say we are proud of the United States we live in and not hang our heads in shame for what is going on and what the country has become. God has Blessed our Country and we need to be so very glad that he is a God of mercy and favor! God Bless America!!!

  73. Kevin, I just want to say thank you for this very godly message to both the pro and con supporters of President Elect Trump and Mrs. Clinton. The one question that I asked many of the Christian supporters of President Elect Trump was, are you Pro-Life or Pro-Birth? John 10:10 is the perfect example of Pro-Life. What I found out is the many of them are Pro-Birth. What I mean by this is that, its one thing to get me here but God holds you accountable for how you treat me when I get here. Many Christians who happen to be White, do not see the correlation between Pro-Life,Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Affirmative Action or the core motives of the Black Lives Matter movement. That Black community has always been Pro-Life from a holistic perspective. Again thank you for your article.

  74. I trust God and because of that I am at peace with the outcome.if you truly trust God and that he is in control and that everything is for his Good and his Glory then there is nothing to fear.

  75. Mr. Cook,
    This is an excellent essay. I have some former students who are clergymen struggling with the result. This essay may help them. However, as a 70 year old Jewish man concerned with non-Christians and other minorities, it has little to offer. With the appt. of Bannon as Trump’s top adviser, hatred and racism are now installed in the Oval Office. And, alas, no amount of prayer will change that.

  76. I am so relieved and glad I’m not the only one in the middle who feels this way!

  77. I was surprised that the third point you make, to both sides, is not the first.

    When you cite “big government overreach and political insider collusion” as if government is over-reaching, and that future politics will be free of political insider collusion (was it ever?), it seems you accept these as fact.

    The New Boss will be much like the Old Boss, but with a different set of insiders, as the early appointees show. It will still be politics as usual.

    For each of us, our end is near. I’ll focus on that reality. Love isn’t easy, but it is the Lord’s commandment.

  78. Thank you, Kevin, for this article. I couldn’t agree with you more and you are saying everything that I have been thinking since the election was called. I pray for President-elect Trump and his family, regardless of whether or not I voted for him. I pray for our country, for healing, for peace. I pray that God will make me a channel of His peace… the way I treat others, in the way I raise my kids and in the way I serve others.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  79. Thank you for your insight and call to unity. It is much needed not only in the Christian community, but across our country and the world:

    We should hear each other. Hear the heart and stop dividing by camp. We want many of the same things in this country, just disagree how to see those things come to fruition.

    How would Christ have voted?

    I think our Americanism has become so intertwined with our Christianity that surely we have no real answer to that question.

    I think Christ might just have been much less focused on politics, and more interested in the individuals who run, and vote. He was here for each of us.

    Every time I hear a Christian express themselves in a polarizing way, it grieves my heart. We are to build bridges. Be part of the solution. Love and seek the face of God. The rest is just distracting non-sense.

    Thanks again.

  80. Oh, shut up. As a Jew and a woman, I most certainly am not going to earnestly and sympathetically ask Trump voters why they felt it was fine to throw me and my kid under the bus.

    Maybe you think the Jews deported to concentration camps should’ve come back and asked their neighbors why they stood by and just watched the Nazis take them away and loot their houses. You know, to be, like, understanding and all.

    Go to hell.

    • Is no one else going to address Amy’s pain? Hello out there Christian brothers and sisters! I have been watching this thread hoping for at least one kind word to restore my own faith in the love of Christians.

      I grew up in the church and I prayed with you. I listened to your gossip and your judgement. I cried myself to sleep when I felt my own inequity.

      And then I read the Bible! I got myself a copy Strong’s Concordance and really read the thing without all of that human blabbler twisting and confusing things.

      What I read in the Bible resembles nothing to most of this Trump voting nonsense. Yes, there is certainly the hope of forgiveness, but don’t vote for that to lead our people! The hateful words! The stirred up worry! The pitting brother against brother! The mocking people with disabilities! The throwing out of babies and children in wheelchairs!

      The abandonment of our Jewish sister and turning away when she bravely cries out to our community in pain!

      Shame! Shame on us!

      As the preacher used to say, the fires of hell are waiting to lick at us for eternity for these sins of complacency! I take on the sins of these Christians that would protect their own comfort above the lives and safety of all their brothers and sisters on earth.

      Amy, I will lay down my life to protect you and your family from the evils that plaque this country. The whole of the world can see that we have cast our lot with a wild card despite the blatant bigotry and hateful rhetoric. If and when history repeats, know that there will be love and help out there. I don’t know how we will find each other, but I will make sure that we do. I deeply apologize for my fellow Christians. They know not what they do. Or, they will be going to hell, just as you called it.

      • Joan and Amy, What you say in your message is a classic example of my biggest problem with organized religion and especially Christians….. hypocrisy.

        I heard self-proclaimed Christians speaking out against virtually everything Trump and his surrogates did or said; yet they STILL flocked to the polls and voted for him.

        The Christians got exactly what they prayed for. Think about that Sunday morning as you get dressed to go to church.

  81. Thank you so much for this articulate, well-written piece. I am a liberal, omnist woman with a mixed race, gender queer child. I say this only because I know first hand that violence and hatred did not start with this election and it will not end with this election. Fear on both sides of the political aisle has pushed many to extremes and what is fear if not lack of faith? I am watching as many of the people I love become hateful and vengeful and it is horrifying. Many of them are Christian and I hope that they read this and find their way back to a loving relationship with God.

    The nomination of Bannon is disturbing but only because he is very direct about his hatred not because he engages in hate speech or advocates hateful violence any more than many others do. As another poster stated and as I posted three days ago on my page, how many Presidents have we had who were not guilty of at least two -isms? Not a single one. When have human beings ever successfully fought hate, prejudice, intolerance, or ignorance with diametrically opposed hate, prejudice, intolerance, or ignorance? If Isreal/ Palestine, Russia, China, Iran, Germany, Syria, Liberia, Rwanda, and many more well-known conflicts (including past conflicts in our country) are any indication I am going to say not well.

    Many people are opposed to bullying in schools but does this make school shootings committed by victims of bullying ok? Many people are tired of corruption in politics and government but does this justify McVeigh killing working class people, including pregnant women and children, because they worked in or near a federal building? Extremism is unhealthy and counterproductive regardless of who engages in it.

  82. Yeah but, why wasn’t the time to come together 8 years ago? And does coming together include vetting the President’s nomination for the Supreme Court;. Or are we waiting to come together so that the left can make concessions that the right continues to fail to make…. But continues to ask for…? … But not until the right comes back into power!????

  83. I agree with everything in this article, however, if this article was written to Christians it left out a very important point. I was not a Trump fan so I could not support Trump as a person but I could vote for the Republican platform. I wonder how many people, especially Christians, who actually read the platforms of the 2 parties. As a Christian who believes in civil responsibility and takes my vote as a privilege given to me by God, I could not vote for a party that promoted abortion, homosexuality, and sexual immorality because personally I believe these things go in direct opposition to the Word of God, which I believe is the just that–the very Word of God. I realize not everyone believes that but for me that is neither here nor there–I could not go against my conscience. Saying that, I also believe that we can stand up to what believe, but do it according to the command Jesus gave us as followers of Him to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

    • So if we didn’t vote for Trump we must have supported Hillary. SMH

    • You may even believe you don’t support Trump as a person, but by helping elect him, you did just that. However you rationalize your choice, by supporting Trump, you embrace racism, xenophobia, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and homophobia. This is a most curious way to love your neighbors.

    • “…I could not vote for a party that promoted abortion, homosexuality, and sexual immorality because personally I believe these things go in direct opposition to the Word of God, which I believe is the just that–the very Word of God.”

      So by rejecting a platform that you believe promoted “abortion, homosexuality, and sexual immorality,” you instead chose a platform that promoted racism, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia; all which go in direct opposition to the Word of God.

      Well ain’t that something.

  84. It’s been most interesting to read these comments. I voted for values… My number one (and deciding factor) was that I voted for the most marginalized persons in our society, the unborn. I am pro-life, and anti-abortion. (From what I can tell, Hillary was the farthest from that, but please correct me if I heard wrong on that issue.) I voted because I care deeply about the future supreme court nominees and I am also concerned about our 2nd amendment rights, and the LGBTQ agenda. In many ways, I could not stomach Trump, but I could vote for Pence because of his (Pence’s) values. I am heavily involved with social justice issues, and have been on multiple humanitarian trips as a Christian. We can all do what we can, and we should. I was stunned that Trump won. I truly think it was a miracle that he won, and frankly, I gave thanks. There were plenty of people who didn’t vote for him… and I thought many of them embarrassed themselves post-election, with the need to have play therapy, etc… While I was not a supporter of Obama these last eight years, we were still called to pray for him. I hope people can move forward and pray for the new President and his cabinet. I know my perspective/position probably isn’t popular, but praying for the next President-elect is imperative;it’s not a suggestion. Again, I think it was a miracle that the Trump/Pence ticket won.

    • I’m gonna call you out on this one. You say you’re involved in many social justice causes, but you believe that the unborn are the most marginalized in our society? If you are pro-life, as you claim, then what about those that are already living? We have children in this country that go hungry, and systemic racism that stacks the deck heavily against racial minorities, and the poor? If you truly value life, but your prioritize the unborn with zero regard to those already alive, then maybe you might just want to re-evaluate what the meaning of life is, and how it stacks up to what you believe.

      • Petty…What about “I am heavily involved with social justice issues, and have been on multiple humanitarian trips as a Christian. We can all do what we can, and we should.”…did you not understand? Life begins at conception, and there are marginalized groups all over the nation and all over the world. How do you know about me, what I am involved in. Oh, wait — you don’t. You don’t know where my finances have gone, what they have supported… in fact, you no nothing about me. And you question my position on the meaning of life?? Really? I was sharing my opinion. You didn’t call me out. If you were triggered by my concern for the unborn, that is your issue not mine. There are many many alive people who need help. Millions of others never got a chance to live, because they were marginalized by those who are already living. My post was my perspective and opinion. You’re entitled to yours. Try being respectful in your apparent anger.

        • I agree that the comments are “interesting.”

          So many Trump supporters were able to vote for someone they “could not stomach,” but now feel a need to explain why they did. Perhaps they realize at some level that they have empowered a man who endorses racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and misogyny. Perhaps they embrace only some of those attitudes and are uncomfortable being lumped in with the rest. They may not want to see themselves in this way, but by electing Trump, they support the whole package. Kathleen, like it our not, you’re one of “they.”

          Spending time and energy going on mercy missions and donating money to charities are indeed admirable actions. Your efforts are undermined by supporting public officials whose policies cripple those you are trying to help (although as you say, we don’t know where your finances have gone. You are “heavily involved in social justice issues,” but worry about your second amendment rights and the LGBTQ “agenda.” Makes me wonder what you mean by “social justice.”)

        • I have no need to explain. I was stating what I did and why.
          Since you are so certain you have the corner market on who is what, and what is true, I hope your Hillary mindset works for you. I am done conversing with you.

        • “You don’t know where my finances have gone, what they have supported… in fact, you no nothing about me.” Well, here’s what I know; you voted for Donald Trump. With that choice, you embraced EVERYTHING that man said. If anything, I’m not angry; I’m just glad that this election exposed the hypocrisy of Christians in America. Thank you very much.

  85. I, too, voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, a Christian. I did not vote for him in the primary elections. We were presented with 2 flawed candidates and I knew I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. During the Nixon/Ford administrations, I was detailed to National Security Council and was part of the team that established the first intelligence Coordination Office. By necessity, we had high-level security clearances. I fully understood the absolute necessity of protecting this classified information. Security was paramount. I fully understood what would happen to me if I was careless with this classified information; up to and including criminal charges. I knew that classified information also protected the lives of real people. They trust us to protect their safety. I believe, based on my experiences, Hillary and her staff abused this trust and she should never be POTUS.

    As a Christian, I also felt a more conservative Supreme Court is important. I don’t fear a Trump presidency and I am so glad we have an evangelical Christian in a White House Office — Mike Pence. I’m glad Trump is delegating important work to Mike Pence. I know throughout scripture God has used very flawed people for his purpose and glory. I am on my knees praying he uses this flawed man for His purpose.

    • ” I know throughout scripture God has used very flawed people for his purpose and glory. I am on my knees praying he uses this flawed man for His purpose.” And what is his “purpose”, if I may ask?

    • While you’re down there on your knees, you might also want to ask Him to use Kim Jong-un, Bashar Al-Assad, and Vladimir Putin for His purpose.

  86. Ten days in…
    How you like him now?

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