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Inductive Bible Study

Inductive Bible Study systematically teaches the reader the  methodical practice of studying scripture inductively, that is, allowing the text of the Bible to speak on its own. By induction, opposed to deduction, a student leaves aside their assumptions and presuppositions that are not inherent in the evidence of the text rather than bringing their theological biases to their interpretation.

The inductive movement arose in the early 20th century in response to the historical-critical study of the bible that had been dominating theological seminaries. Academic biblical studies tended to focus more on books about the bible than the biblical text itself.  The method of inductive bible study focuses on the first-hand study of the biblical text itself, and allows the student to engage issues of biblical background and criticism within a broad program that gives priority to the study of the evidence inherent in the text itself.

The teaching and methodology in this book completely changed my understanding of scripture and studying the word of God. This presented to the foundation for studying the bible without bias, interpreting scripture based on the evidence in the text, and having awareness toward errors and fallacies that may arise from my own presuppositions.