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A Suffering Confession

November 12, 2014  |  prayer

Today’s Confession before our the eucharistic liturgy was different. Rev. Jessica LaGrone wrote this text herself as a response to today’s message on the call to endure persecution, especially from our safe American perspectives:

Almighty God, we confess that we have been a people preoccupied with our own concerns, while our brothers and sisters around the world live in turmoil.

We have forgotten those who are suffering. We have ignored the news that is too painful to comprehend. We have neglected your command to pray for our enemies and those who persecute us.

Forgive us we pray.

Free us for joyful obedience, thoughtful relationships, and unceasing prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We pray asking you to be their defender and help in their time of need. We pray for the release of captives and freedom for those held hostage. We pray for your intervention in the violence and evil against your people. We pray for your provision for the hungry, the homeless, and the bereaved. We pray for you to help your people who are called by your Name. And in your Name we pray, Jesus, friend of the suffering. Amen.


About the Author

Kevin Cook is a 4th year student at Asbury Theological Seminary and an Aspirant for Ordination in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). After graduating, Kevin hopes to plant a contemporary three-streams Anglican Church. He and his wife Nicole attend Wilmore Anglican Church in Kentucky.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Business Administration from Florida State University. Kevin enjoys playing music and leading worship, reading fiction and spiritual classics, drinking coffee, and spending time with family and friends.

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