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The Cook’s Adoption Story

adoptionNicole and I are completely overwhelmed by the response our picture has received on Facebook! Thank you so much!!

Here’s the short version of our story so far:

Three months ago, I poured out my broken heart regarding abortion and the Planned Parenthood atrocities on this blog post. I ended my post with the following statement:

“If anyone out there reads this and is considering abortion, I will take your baby. My wife and I will gladly take all your babies! I’m completely serious. If you are pregnant and don’t want your child, we will. It’s not a fetus. It’s a blessing. Life matters.”

God started burdening our hearts so heavily about the problem of abortion that Nicole and I chose to take action. We knew that faith requires action and that we are able and wanting to adopt a baby who would otherwise be aborted. So on Friday, October 30, we made a couple signs and went to the abortion clinic in Lexington to pray for and reach out to women that were going there with God’s love. You can read about the details of our visit Friday morning here.

I’m a seminary student at Asbury Theological Seminary, and the school is leading a campaign called Attempt Something Big. Students are encouraged to notice how God is moving in the community, “catching someone acting like Jesus”, and sharing it online. THIS is the only reason we took a picture and put it on Facebook! We did not post this to use social media as a means of adoption. We did not expect this picture to become so popular. We were just being faithful Christians and sharing the “big thing” we felt Jesus calling us to do.

We posted it on Friday afternoon. The seminary shared the photo and it started getting noticed. By Friday night we were excited and shocked to have over 300 likes and about 150 shares! We figured that was that. But then Saturday we saw it continuing to grow, from 300 likes to over 3000, from 150 shares to 3000! It is now Sunday afternoon and we just broke 7,700 shares and 6,700 likes!

Hundreds of Facebook messages came pouring in: encouraging messages from supporters, families also interested in adoption, and yes, a number of expecting mothers who were considering abortion who would like for us to adopt their baby instead! What an incredible answer to prayer!

Of course we can’t adopt every baby, so after prayerfully discussing our options, Nicole and I have decided to adopt two children at this time, but we are definitely open to more in the future. At the same time, we want to offer hope and life to any pregnant women considering abortion: God loves you so much! And He loves your baby too! He has great plans and abundant life in store! Choose life, contact us, and we would be honored to help you find a loving family to adopt your baby, either through an independent adoption or through an agency.

Support The Cook’s Adoption Fund

This has all happened so incredibly fast! We are in desperate need for support, financially, spiritually, and logistically. If our story has moved you in any way, we would love for you to help us out! Here are a few ways you can join in our cause:

  1. Pray for us! This entire adventure is a testament to God’s faithfulness in prayer. He put this on our hearts. He connected us with mothers. So we trust that He will provide for us in every way! Pray that our faith and trust continues, especially when the excitement settles down.
  2. Support us financially! Adoption is expensive! Even independent adoptions! We did not expect all of this to happen so quickly. I am a full-time seminary student and work part-time as the Worship Director for a local United Methodist Church. Nicole is a local freelance portrait photographer working to make her dreams a reality ( We don’t have a lot of money, but we have big hearts for family. Please consider supporting our cause.
  3. Connect us with people! If you know anyone who is considering abortion, please encourage them to contact us. We would love to talk to them about choosing life and considering adoption as an alternative. We would love to either adopt their child ourselves or to help them connect with an adoption agency nearby.


For Those Interested in Adoption

I thank God for the heart He has given you for children, family, and particularly adoption. As you know, adoption is a calling, not just an alternative! We are all adopted as sons and daughters of God through Christ Jesus. It is a beautiful thing to offer that same grace to others in need.

Yes, several expecting mothers have contacted us from this miraculous Facebook post, and it is true that we cannot adopt all of their babies on our own. We want to save every life we can and we want to help every mother who chooses life find a loving family for their child. Hundreds of families have messaged us in the past days asking about getting involved through adoption, but we aren’t legally able to make those connections between birth mothers and adopting families. If you are interested in adoption, we strongly suggest connecting with your local adoption agencies or looking into foster adoption, another great need.


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To all messaging us on Facebook, Thank you so much! Your messages of love and support and encouragement are amazing and we welcome them all. We want to respond to each one of you individually, but it may take some time. Know that we have seen your support and appreciate all of it! Bless you all!

For media contacts, questions, or if you are considering abortion and would like to contact us about adoption, you can e-mail me at