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Matt Redman on spontaneous worship

March 21, 2014  |  worship

I’ll be part of a team leading a night of worship next Friday night at Asbury’s Estes Chapel. I’m really excited because it is going to be a night of really open and extended worship. We can just seeking the Lord without another agenda and with total freedom – no real time constraints, no pre-planned messages to accompany, open for spontaneous worship. I love leading worship in that raw, authentic, passionate way.

As I prepare for that, I remember one of Matt Redman’s interviews a few years ago when he was asked about spontaneous worship:


The Bible’s got these spontaneous songs that just seem to happen in the moment, like the song of Mary and the song of Moses.  It just seems to happen in the moment.  Does that ever happen with you?

Matt Redman

Oh yeah! I love it when that happens, because to me that’s a sign of life.

I’m really up for preparing and thinking out how we should link songs together. But I love those moments where it’s like this spontaneous moment and you’re flowing with wherever it goes, because it feels like life. It feels like what happens in a conversation. When we have a conversation, like now, we haven’t scripted this. We’re flowing with where it goes, and I love it when that happens in worship.

God is speaking to us, and then we’re responding, and that’s what worship is all about. It’s about revelation and response. It’s about the fact that we breathe in the wonders of who He is, and then we breathe out in response.


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Kevin Cook is a 4th year student at Asbury Theological Seminary and an Aspirant for Ordination in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). After graduating, Kevin hopes to plant a contemporary three-streams Anglican Church. He and his wife Nicole attend Wilmore Anglican Church in Kentucky.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Business Administration from Florida State University. Kevin enjoys playing music and leading worship, reading fiction and spiritual classics, drinking coffee, and spending time with family and friends.

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